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CRS Opens With New Safety Guidelines As Virtual Workouts Continue

By: Maxmillian Robinson

As we approach the midpoint of the fall semester, there has been much speculation as to whether the Center of Recreation and Sport (CRS) will physically open its doors to its faculty, alumni and student body. It was announced that as of Oct. 5, the CRS has reopened its doors to the student body and faculty--this time with another approach.

Gene Palma, chief administrative officer and associate vice president, and Danny McCabe, director of athletics and campus recreation, announced in an Oct. 1 statement that they’re opening the facility with a “variety of new policies and procedures in line with local and state health requirements” in efforts to keep our Adelphi community safe.

Changes to equipment placement is in effect. There are new plexiglass barriers at all check-in desks, new hand sanitizer and cleaning stations, signage throughout the facilities and a thermal scanner to check your temperature before entering the fitness center.

Along with these guidelines, there are also new hours of operations. The CRS fitness center will be open to all Panthers Monday-Friday from noon, to 7 pm, while the indoor track will be available from 10 am to 4 pm. After a temporary two-week trial, management will then discuss whether to move forward with these times or to add more hours to the CRS facilities to stay open.

For those who still prefer not to enter the CRS, virtual workout classes will continue. These classes are conducted predominantly virtually (as of now), with few exceptions for in person, one-on-one training. The goal is to conduct these classes daily, with as many participants joining each session. CRS Director Linda Gundrum said they are looking for “as many as we can get to join” for virtual classes.

“The response to virtual workouts has been mixed,” Gundrum said. “People may be less inclined to participate virtually if they are on their computers a lot more for classes and everything else in their lives.”

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