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CRS Provides Free Virtual Live and Recorded Workouts to Students

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Maxmillian Robinson

For many students who were used to working out in Adelphi’s Center for Recreation and Sports (CRS), that was just one more pandemic-related closure to cope with. How can you work out and keep fit when you can’t visit your campus gym?

You may not be able to come to the CRS, but thanks to new virtual classes, the CRS can come to you either live or recorded to view on your own schedule. For the past few weeks, the CRS and its staff have orchestrated workout sessions consisting of various exercises proven to keep you feeling fit.

Shaun Rutherford, assistant director of campus recreation, said that the CRS is offering numerous classes via Zoom, which are recorded and published to the Adelphi Campus Recreation YouTube page.

“We have five different types of yoga—yoga flow, yoga healing, Vinyasa yoga, yoga with meditation and beginner Vinyasa,” he said. “There’s also a 30-minute abs class along with a strength and conditioning class.”

For students stuck at home, these classes are a healthy lifeline.

Strength and conditioning coach Keith Ferrara

offers workouts for athletes via Instagram.

Photo courtesy of AU Athletics

“I think virtual classes are a great way for people to continue being physically active at a time of social distancing,” said first-year student Mitch Cohen. “It’s still important to maintain a routine. I’m thrilled about the 30-minute abs classes because crunches are my favorite exercise.”

While senior Valencia Saint-Louis hasn't yet participated in any classes, she still understands the importance of health and well being.

“It’s great that the CRS is doing their part to encourage exercise and movement for everyone while we’re at home,” she said. “I could imagine that if a student is used to going to yoga or strength and conditioning sessions, suddenly not having that practice can throw them off of routine. I think these live recorded sessions hosted by the CRS are great for the physical and mental health of students.”

Classes are being offered on a variety of days and times to accommodate as many schedules as possible.

“We have classes at 1 pm and at 5:15, depending on the day,” explained Rutherford. “Yoga flow classes are conducted on Mondays at 5:15. Strength and conditioning classes are run on Tuesdays (same time), and Vinyasa and meditation classes take place on Thursdays (same time as well).”

All other classes follow the 1 pm schedule: 30-minute abs on Tuesdays, Vinyasa yoga on Wednesdays, yoga for healing on Thursdays, and beginner Vinyasa on Friday.

The CRS staff also can see how many viewers take part in the workout sessions that are run daily.

“We regularly see 10-plus people watching per session,” Rutherford said. “We have people sign up for the classes ahead of time through, which is still accessible through the ecampus portal. However, those who did not sign up beforehand can still participate in the classes as well.”

For more information on where you can find the exercise schedule, visit and click on the group fitness tab.

Even Adelphi’s athletes have a chance to continue their physical training with the university’s strength and conditioning coach, Keith Ferrara, who has been with the Panthers’ organization since 2014. He said he’s determined to make our athletes the best they can be, while instructing proper technique and keeping athletes healthy—especially during the pandemic. So he’s created an exclusive workout routine that is specifically for athletes to improve their overall skills. He emails the athletes a complete rundown of workouts to do individually while they’re at home. He also offers his weight lifting routines on Instagram @Adelphistrength.

Well, there you have it: no excuses not to workout at home.

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