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Datpiff: The Best/Worst Streaming Service

By Mitch Cohen

Datpiff contains exclusive mixtapes from popular artists.

In the past decade, streaming services have made thousands of songs accessible to the public for free. One of the most underrated streaming services is Datpiff, which allows listeners to hear mixtapes for free. Initially, I was impressed with the number of options available. Eventually, I noticed issues including song deletion, advertisements and an inability to make any new playlists. Even with these problems plaguing Datpiff, it is worth checking out.

Any quality streaming service provides listeners with songs based on their music tastes. When browsing through Datpiff, I discovered mixtapes from both mainstream and unknown rappers. For instance, I finally heard Divine Council’s mixtape “DBSB” for the first time. For casual listeners, mainstream albums can be found on the site as well.

Unfortunately, Rap and R&B are the only two genres on the service. If other genres like rock were represented, then Datpiff could appeal to more than just Rap fans. Despite that, Rap and R&B fans will have several options available to them.

When listening to music, one pet peeve I have is nonstop advertising. Using this service, I had two different experiences with advertisements. Surprisingly, when a song ends on the mobile app, the next one plays. Without ads, I could enjoy as many songs as I wanted without interruptions. On the contrary, the website did contain advertisements. Similar to Spotify, I encountered ads that impeded my listening experience. Thankfully, dealing with these ads was less egregious, as they were short and popped up very sporadically. For people who hate advertising, Datpiff has less intrusive ads compared to services like Spotify.

To switch gears, the most irritating problem I had was when songs got deleted from my playlist. After not using the app for a month, 25 songs from my original playlist randomly disappeared. I did not delete the songs intentionally and had no idea what caused the problem.

On top of that, I couldn’t add music to the existing playlist or create new playlists. At first, I worked around the problem by listening to the songs without saving them. While this idea seemed smart at first, it took away the fun of using Datpiff. This led me to create a new account, which fixed all the problems I was having.

In the end, Datpiff is the most underrated streaming platform that is out right now. This service lets people listen to mixtapes and allows them to enjoy popular hip-hop albums as well.

At the same time, drawbacks such as advertisements on the website, song deletion, and the inability to make new playlists make it challenging to enjoy this service. Even with these setbacks, Datpiff is the best and worst streaming service worth checking out.

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