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DJ’s International Buffet’s Delicious Comeback

By Kimmy Ramirez

For around five months DJ’s International Buffet was closed to the public for unspecified reasons but is now back open and ready for everyone to come inside and have a taste of what they have to offer. DJ’s International Buffet is located in Garden City on Stewart Ave.

When entering DJ’s International Buffet you’re greeted with a small foyer with railings and a path in the center. On the right is a constructed area filled with water where customers are encouraged to make a wish. 

Opening up the second set of doors past the foyer leads you to the restaurant and you are greeted with staff who are quick to ask how many are in your party and sit you down. The price of entry differs from what time you plan to eat. The fee of an adult is $15.99 during lunch, $22.99 for brunch, $26.99 for dinner on weekdays, and $33.99 for dinner on weekends. Children from 2-10 years old are priced differently multiplying their age with $1.25-$2.25 to get the final price. Drinks are $2.49 each but refills are free. Additionally, if it's your birthday you can get 50% off with an ID.

The service is attentive as they frequently check up on your table to ask about refills and to clear your plate. The buffet is well lit and there are a few windows for natural light. It’s also very clean and the messes are swiftly cleaned. 

The buffet offers a vast variety of food options and all are prepared fresh. Crab legs are in high demand; before the waiter places the tray down, customers form a line to get their hands on a few legs. The waiter serves them and counts exactly two legs, though some lucky few get three. There are tons of other seafood options. DJ’s International Buffet offers shrimp, oysters, sea snails, clams, salmon, sushi and crawfish.

If you’re not feeling the sea critter options, they have plenty of meat options like pepper steak, pork, dumplings, chicken, duck, frog legs and ribs. Vegetables are also up for grabs to pair with those juicy cuts of meat. They’re all fresh and crunchy. The green beans are particularly delicious, perfectly sautéed and still have that snap. 

Another food section houses options for children. This area contains options that are mostly fried and are probably a picky eater’s dream, such as pizza, mozzarella sticks, popcorn shrimp, chicken tenders and French fries.

The dessert and fruit section supplies very thin slices of chocolate or vanilla cake, cookies, ice cream, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, pudding, Jello, oranges and even more items.

There’s ample parking but the lot is shared with other establishments. Watch the signs that indicate the spots that belong to which establishments. 

If you are looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet with excellent service, great food options, ambiance and price then DJ’s International Buffet might be the place for you. It’s at 1100 Stewart Ave., in Garden City. 

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