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Facebook's New Endeavor: Facebook Campus

By: Katie Farkas

As college campuses across the country are facing new challenges because of partially or completely remote classes, Facebook has created a place for students. Now more than ever it is important to stay connected to the people and places you have come to love and Facebook Campus has created a space specifically with this purpose in mind. Facebook Campus is a network where students can connect, as well as make new friends, find people who share similar interests, get involved with clubs or study groups, sports and more.

Within the existing Facebook app, there is a dedicated page for Facebook Campus that is separate from a user’s main profile. To get started creating a Campus profile all a student has to do is enter a school-affiliated email, as well as a graduation year and a name and profile picture will be carried over from the student’s main Facebook account.

Once the Campus profile is all set up, students can discover a variety of groups and events that are specifically for students who attend their college or university and connect with classmates. Content that is posted within the Campus section of Facebook is also unique to Campus. When content is shared on Campus, only people that have a Campus account will be able to see it.

Some of the key features that Facebook Campus will include a campus directory as well as chat rooms. The campus directory allows students to find and meet new people that all attend the same college. A student can find a classmate through class, year, major, as well as a few other search options.

The chat room on Facebook Campus allows students to chat in real-time with their friends and classmates. Students can create their own chat room for things like a club or organization, a dorm floor, or any other group they might want to create.

Currently, Facebook Campus is only available for about 30 schools across the United States, but is working on expanding in the coming year. 

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