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Fall – There’s No Season That Compares

By Lizz Panchyk

We’ve reached the middle of autumn, and although it’s taken a while to adjust to the weather, I’m so excited for everything that follows. I’ve always preferred this time of year, especially watching as the seasons change from green to warm browns and oranges. To me, fall is the best season.

I used to only associate fall with school, and while I’m still doing this, I see much more than just school. Although September still has warmth in the air, there are days where you can wake up to the sweet fall scent, with the crisp morning air acting as a reminder. October is where the chill gets chillier and fall decorations paint the towns. The warmth of the colors gives me comfort and although Halloween is not everyone’s favorite, there is something about it that makes October feel fun.

I always decorate for fall. I have tiny pumpkins (real and fake) bordering my room, fall signs with cute sayings on them hanging on every doorknob, and there’s always a line up of fall scented candles waiting to be burned in the kitchen.

Besides just decorating, I can finally start layering again. Jackets, flannels and sweaters galore. That one week when the weather got a little chilly made me so happy. I opened up my sweater drawer and I pulled out my denim jacket. I also just bought a new pair of brown boots, which I’m excited to take for a spin.

Early 2000’s shows are the perfect addition to a cozy fall night.

I think my favorite part about fall is what I watch. Every fall, like clockwork, I rewatch “Gilmore Girls.” I won’t say how many times I’ve rewatched this show, but it’s enough that I enjoy it as a relaxing background show, a great way to end a long school day, cup of hot chocolate in hand.

Besides this, spooky movies are always a plus, especially the classics. I recently watched the original “Scream” for the first time with my friend. I’m excited to watch many more, especially “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” a dual Halloween and Christmas movie.

As I mentioned, the best way to enjoy these forms of entertainment is with a hot drink, which leads me into yet another reason why I think fall is superior. I may be biased since we have a full Starbucks right on campus, but, with the risk of sounding basic, the first sip of the season’s Pumpkin Spice Latte is always the best. It’s my form of an after-class treat, whether I’m off to hang out with friends or need a pick-me-up to complete an assignment.

There is something quite poetic and cozy about fall. It’s a feeling equivalent to bundling up in a blanket on a cold night. I truly believe everything that’s good happens in the fall.

I hope everyone else can enjoy this season as much as I do. Take a break! Read a book, watch a movie, bake some cookies and add some marshmallows to your hot chocolate. Nothing compares.

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