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Five Fall Fashion Tips to Dress to Impress

By Kennie Dionisio

Although the summer heat hasn’t quite let up on us, it’s never too early to start rummaging through your closet and planning your outfits for this autumn season. Fall gives way to sweaters, scarves and other accouterments you might want to stockpile as the temperature drops. With the change in seasons, fall is a time abundant with fashion opportunities. Here are five ways you can dress to impress:

1. Embrace the colors of nature.

As an art major, color is an integral part of junior Wynn Andersen’s everyday life. “Balancing the presence of light, dark, bright, saturated and gray pieces in your look makes a unified outfit instead of a combination of mismatching clothes,” he said.

The fall color palette is reminiscent of a walk through an autumn forest – earthy, warm and serene. Look at the leaves on the ground for inspiration: deep maroon, mustard yellow, burnt orange, eggplant purple.

Shades of brown are also a fall staple. Like the bark on a tree, brown can complement any autumn look. Taupe, umber and chestnut are just some of the few options for a pair of pants or boots.

And though we’re long past Labor Day, don’t put away your white clothing. If you plan to add white to your outfit, ivory and cream are ideal for knitwear like chunky sweaters.

The perfect color palette is crucial to any outfit and the shades of autumn are truly endless.

2. Layers. Layers. Layers.

Layering is not only practical for insulation against the chilly weather, but having a layered look can make your outfit appear less flat. Combining various textures, fabrics and garment styles can help you get the most out of the pieces you love most.

Whether for warmth or stylishness, the optimal fall outfit uses the three-layer method — a lightweight base layer, a cozy middle layer and a protective outer layer. This simple formula works for any aesthetic you want to achieve.

A white or black graphic tee, red buffalo plaid flannel and denim jacket are classic autumn garb. Looking to dress up? Layer a sweater vest over a white dress shirt with a statement trench coat. With cardigans coming back into style, you can layer them over a plain white tee and cotton scarf.

Senior health administration major Jolisa John-Lynch rocking a flannel and a checkered top.

Senior health administration major Jolisa John-Lynch rocking a flannel and a checkered top.

3. Invest in a quality pair of boots.

Whether you plan on taking a brisk walk through the town or need a durable shoe for your next hayride, boots are a versatile fashion choice.

There are a plethora of boot styles to choose from. Chelsea boots have a distinct design. Sporting a laceless, close-fitted design with elastic side panels, Chelsea boots are typically made of leather or suede. Combat boots, like Dr. Martens, are typically made of leather. Their rugged appearance and thick soles can complete a grunge aesthetic. Work boots, like Timberlands, can edge you out and add an industrial look to your outfit.

And if you want to elevate your boots to the next level, throw on your favorite pair of jeans and cuff the ankles. You’ll highlight your footwear and add a polished, laid-back flair to your look.

Sophomore psychology major Zarrah Razi is usually seen flaunting her Dr. Martens around campus. “A pair of good leather boots can go a long way,” Razi said. “Leather keeps rain from soaking your socks, but is also fabulous with any outfit.”

4. Keep your head warm.

And why just shield your feet from fall’s unpredictable weather? Hats are the perfect fall accessory. A felt fedora with a wide brim can make a bold statement. A beret fits well with a chic, preppy or loose-flowing outfit. Beanies are simple. When wearing your favorite hat, make sure to leave your hair down to avoid flyaways and to keep your outfit put-together.

5. Stay true to your personal style.

Everyone has their own signature style. Think about how you dress every day, and make sure to add your personality into every piece of clothing in your wardrobe. No matter if you’re dressing up or down this fall, make sure to show off your style with confidence.

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