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Forecasting Five Style Trends of 2024

By Kennie Dionisio

As we enter month two of 2024, the world of personal style is a blank canvas waiting for a fresh wave of trends. With an eclectic mix of influences from social media to pop culture to looks you can find parading down a New York City street, here are five potential trends that we predict will make an appearance this year. 

Some Like it Cropped

Crop it like it’s hot this year. Although the cold weather may seem long, your outerwear doesn’t have to be, especially for the men.

While scrolling through Instagram Reels, you can find fashion influencer and pop artist Ivan Fergon slicing away at his collection of shirts. Though cutting up a perfectly good shirt might seem counterintuitive, Fergon does so with the utmost style and swagger. His message is simple: “Genderless fashion is hot.”

Junior Jenna Steinberg with a leather jacket with two pink bows.

And if you recall the 2023 Grammys, you’ll remember Harry Styles donning a cropped blazer with a sequin tank top. A symbol of male androgyny, Styles’ fashion choices have a heavy influence on the fashion climate. Sequins, colorful cardigans and extremely high-waisted pants are just a few of the trends he’s popularized.

Sophomore communications major Isaak Brickner avidly collects vintage clothing and is always on the lookout for what’s trending. “I see this being a trend because of how freeing it is,” said Brickner. “It allows whoever to express themselves however they want and allows people to finally break out of that binary definition of what they can wear.”

So this year, expect to see more cropped T-shirts, button-downs, jackets and more worn by all genders and body types. 

The Return of Adidas Superstars?

 Does a white shoe with three black stripes sound familiar? The newest trending shoe might not be a Converse or chunky white FILA. 

TikTok user @ktrivs dubbed 2024 as “the 2016 of this decade” and what better way to bring some nostalgia this year than reviving the iconic Adidas Superstars? Initially trending eight years ago on Tumblr, Adidas Superstars were deemed the #1 sneaker of 2016 according to a Quartz article. And if many a TikTok user can agree that this year is bound to match the cheerful, upbeat vibes of 2016, it only makes sense to revive its most popular shoe.

(And if Adidas Superstars start flying off the shelves again, don’t forget to save your bomber jacket and skinny jeans.)

Zebras, and Giraffes and Leopards, Oh My!

Sometimes fashion is all about unleashing your wild side, literally. Ever since “Vogue” declared a “leopard print revival” on New Year’s Day, fashionistas like “Legally Blonde” actress Selma Blair have been roaring about the feline pattern. She was recently seen  sporting a leopard print blazer while walking her dog, a look like this is trendsetter-ready.

Surely, animal prints are a bold statement. It’s likely that some other mammalian friends could be brought back to life. Zebras. Giraffes. Tigers. It’s possible that your closet might start to look like a zoo.

Animal print? Check! Wear your favorite prints this year in any form: jacket, pants, shoes.

Bows Upon Bows

We already saw the rise of pink with Barbie in the summer of 2023. And if you’ve heard the buzz about “Mean Girls” early this January, on Wednesdays we wear pink. But lately, the color pink has crept its way into a silky ribbon tied up in a bow.

The coquette aesthetic is exploding all over TikTok’s For You page. Embodying youth, elegance and hyperfemininity, TikTok has been wrapped up in pastel pink recently. The signature accessory to this trend? Bows. Hair, makeup, dresses and even nails can’t escape the power behind the pink ribbon. 

Junior psychology major Jenna Steinberg was found wearing a pink-bowed jacket on a night out with her friends. “I just find them cute,” said Steinberg. “Nothing says girlhood like a pink bow.”

Cropped for men is in! Take inspo from artists Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes or take a trip back to the 80s and figure out how this style can work for you!

This year, bows will serve as a juxtaposition to their masculine counterpart, mustaches, just a decade ago.

Jenna Steinberg with a leather jacket with two pink bows.

Don’t Clutch Your Pearls. Layer Them.

We’ve seen all the recent jewelry trends come to life. Mixed metals, chunky plastics and chokers were the perfect neck accessories. Some who enjoy elevating their look may layer a few chains. But what about layering pearls? The legacy of Vivienne Westwood lives on. 

Pearls are a versatile accessory associated with sophistication and elegance. By layering various lengths, sizes and types of pearls, there are many dynamic and personalized looks one can create. Whether it’s a chic cascade of delicate strands or a bold mix of pearls and other materials, the artful layering of pearls adds a modern twist to this timeless accessory.

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