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Gender & Sexuality Alliance: Fostering a Community for LGBTQIA+ Students

By Mylo Fisherman

The Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) aims to support members of the LGBTQIA+ community on campus. GSA provides a safe space and community for all students regardless of their romantic orientation, sexual orientation or gender identity. GSA also works alongside the Adelphi Pride Committee to advocate for a safer, more accepting university community and work to educate all who wish to learn more about the LGBTQIA+ community. The Delphian interviewed a few members about what the club means to them.

Sammie Amber, GSA’s event coordinator and a senior psychology major, said, “This organization means a lot to me because I never have had a safe place to be myself, and knowing I have an organization and amazing friends who love and care about me is all I could ever need.”

According to Justin-Tony Vidal, a GSA member and first-year computer science major, the reason why they joined GSA was that they “wanted to build a network of queer friends at Adelphi and be more comfortable with myself.” They added, “To me, GSA is a safe place where I can just relax and de-stress with other fellow queer people.”

The GSA membership currently consists of about 30 students who enjoy the comfort and security that GSA provides them to just exist as queer people. This semester you can attend GSA meetings on Mondays from 1-2 pm.

Luis Merino, a GSA member and junior political science major, explained that GSA’s GAYme Nights are his favorite meetings to attend. “It is a great opportunity for both Eboard members and members to communicate and understand one another.”

In addition to GSA meetings, there’s also a handful of events you can attend before the end of this semester. On Tuesday, November 15 from 6-7 pm in the UC room 113, GSA will be collaborating with the Artivism club for a button and T-shirt making event. On Wednesday, November 30 from 11 am -2 pm in the UC Lobby, GSA will be giving out red ribbons, stickers, bracelets and pins to support world AIDS day and selling candy bags to collect money to donate to Black Aids Institute. Finally, on Tuesday, December 6 from 6-7 pm in Campbell Lounge 2 in the Center for Recreation and Sports, you can paint tree coasters to destress before finals.

“We’re excited about these events, which will allow people to express themselves in unique ways,” said River Gorman, GSA’s secretary and sophomore psychology major.

GSA President Ren Blake said they are honored to have been voted in their current role. “It means so much to me and made me realize how far I have come since coming out. I love meeting queer people and allies. I will always be grateful to my fellow Eboard, GSA members and those who came before us.”

They added, “We are here, we are queer and we are not going to disappear!”

To learn more about their organization, email them at, follow their Instagram @adelphigsa and join their MyAULife page,, to get weekly update emails.

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