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Greek Life Update - ANAD Week and Strut for St. Jude

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Bianca Viana

Before Spring Break and the university shutdown, there were many things happening on our campus in regard to Greek life. During the week of March 2-6, Adelphi’s Delta Phi Epsilon (DPHIE) hosted their annual ANAD Week. In addition, Tri Delta hosted their annual Strut for St. Jude. Both of these events focused on body positivity. We are constantly being confined to societal standards, but it’s important to challenge those standards and feel comfortable in your own skin, which is what both of these events greatly encourage.

Delta Phi Epsilon

Throughout the week, DPHIE had tables set up in the Nexus lobby. Each table had a different theme, which were all focused on self-love and body-positivity. ANAD stands for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders and is one of DPHIE’s three philanthropies.

They kicked off the week with #MakeuplessMonday, encouraging peers to post a makeup-free selfie and to wipe off their makeup in exchange for a free facemask. On Tuesday, March 3, DPHIE presented #TrashYourInsecuritiesTuesday, in which they had a big gold trash can on their table along with paper and pens to write down one of your insecurities and throw them away. On March 4, DPHIE hosted #WonderfulYouWednesday, which was focused on writing some of the things you truly love about yourself.

That evening they also hosted their ANAD Vigil in the Adelphi Room, where one of DPHIE’s own members spoke. The speaker was Autumn Novotny, a sophomore nursing major, who spoke about her experience struggling with her body image, which then led her to develop an eating disorder. Novotny said she realized that it was all about societal beauty standards. She learned to love herself, which is a very important principle to DPHIE and one of the main purposes of ANAD week.

On Thursday, March 5, DPHIE had #ThoughtfulWordsThursday in which they had scales set out on their table and people could write encouraging messages on there that keep them positive. On Friday, DPHIE presented #FearlessFriday, in which people were able to share what makes them feel good.

Donatella Dennino, a sophomore nursing major and member of DPHIE, said, “So the The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon at their ANAD

day that stuck out to me the most was vigil. Picture provided by Sophia Muratore

#MakeuplessMonday because I feel like everyone got to show off their true, beautiful selves and looked amazing doing it! Being able to just remove my makeup with pride made me feel so good about myself!”

ElanaRose Bravin, a junior nursing major and member of DPHIE, said her favorite day of ANAD week was the ANAD Vigil. “At the vigil this year we were able to hear one of our sisters Autumn speak and hear her story. Knowing that she felt comfortable to share her story to help others is inspiring and being there to support her is one of my favorite things.”

Delta Delta Delta

Tri Delta also had their annual event, Strut for St. Jude, on Thursday, March 5 in the PAC.

Kat Beaty, Tri Delta’s philanthropy chair, said, “It has always been my favorite event since I joined Tri Delta. Planning it was a really fun experience because we collaborated with Lord and Taylor, so a certain amount of our models got to borrow outfits from them. I got to work hands-on with them and watch the models really exude confidence when wearing their outfits.”

This is a body positivity-oriented event, which was open to the entire Adelphi community. Tri Delta hosts this event every year and it's always such a huge success. They raised a total of $1,173 that night, all of which goes directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. After Strut, Tri Delta has managed to raise just over $11,000 this year!

“Tri Delta’s motto is to Bring You and this event is truly the culmination of that belief….” Beaty said. “We truly have so many different people come to Strut and model in it and it’s really the best feeling in the world watching people get up there and just come alive.”

Annaliese Lewis, a freshman nursing major and new member of Delta Gamma who walked on the runway, said, “Overall Strut for St. Jude was an amazing event that was dedicated to an all-around beautiful cause. It was really fun to get all dressed up and strut alongside my friend, all the while feeling super confident. Watching everyone else walk on that runway with

The sisters of Delta Delta Delta at their annual the utmost confidence and positivity was

Strut for St. Jude event. Picture provided by so uplifting. It was such a great

Kat Beatty experience!"

This is what Tri Delta’s Strut is really all about, just Bring You!

Jess McErlean, a senior English major and member of DPHIE who also walked in Strut, said, “I’ve participated in Delta Delta’s Strut for Saint Jude every year since I was a freshman and a new member of Delta Phi Epsilon and every year it is an amazing experience.

“Tri Delta puts all their efforts into their philanthropic work with St. Jude and it doesn’t go unnoticed,” McErlean continued. “Every year the event is fun filled and heartwarming. It is a night to truly express you inner and outer beauty and for an amazing cause. Strutting for St. Jude has become an amazing part of my college experience and will be something I remember for the rest of my life beyond Adelphi.”

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