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Holiday Gift Guide for 2023

By Lizz Panchyk

It’s shopping time! Spend that money! But what do you get? Hopefully this gift guide will assist you in finding the best or most unique gifts or give you an idea of what you might want. 


You’ve Pulled the Wild Card!

Game nights for family, friends, roommates and all, a revamp on the classic card game Uno. The game is $15 at Target, where many other Uno versions can be found.

For the Barbies and Kens

The Barbie movie is arguably one of the most popular films of this year. You want it or know someone who does? Get it on DVD and have your girls’ night every night. Available at Target; for only $23.

Old Classics

You may remember these oldies from your childhood, they’re so bad they’re good. Cozy up with a hot chocolate and a short Christmas special, or binge them all! Target has them for $20.

Self Care

Curl the Easy Way!

Stop killing your hair! You may have seen this on TikTok already - the easiest way to curl overnight with frizz-free satin. It’s simple and comfortable – suitable for every night use. Kitsch (which can also be found at Ulta and Target) prices them at $18.


Can’t relax at night? Get a good night’s sleep with this lavender-scented pillow mist. Pillow mists are $15. Check out more products at Bath and Body Works.

Useful Trinkets

Chestnuts Roasting on An…

Don’t have a bonfire? This mini makes a great alternative. Afterall, it’s s’mores season! At $99 on Amazon, it’s a great investment for the future as it’s smoke free, scent free and can be used indoors.

All in One

This is a handy tool to make multitasking a lot easier. It’s a flashlight AND a glove for when you don’t have enough hands! You can find them on Amazon for less than $14.

No Match Needed

Lighter, matches? Nah. Burn the candle without the fire! This candle warmer melts the candle without the possible burning hazard. $46-$53 at Amazon.

Just for Fun

Be Insulted

Shakespeare had such a way with words… and insults. This insult generator is the perfect gift for literature lovers who want to expand their vocabulary. Target; $8.

No More Arguments

Next time you can’t decide where to go with your significant other, let this scratch off game decide what you do next. Problem solved! Amazon; $17.

For the College Student

It Survives the Worst

By now you may have seen the video where a Stanley cup survives a car fire… They’re indestructible! Not only do they last you a long time, they’re perfect for on the go hydration. They start at $20 (depending on size) at


If you have a car, you need this – a tire compressor. You never know when a tire may need a fill or a decompression! Commuters are always here and there. Don’t forget to take care of your tires, it comes in handy! Amazon; $30.


Track an Animal!

Choose an animal and then choose a style, and with the bracelet you will be able to track your adopted animal wherever they may be. Every bracelet bought goes towards saving wildlife. They are $17 at

Save the Trees

This website is all about saving and preserving the beautiful national parks of the United States. Mugs always make a cozy gift, but feel free to check out what else they offer! Parks Project mugs are $18.

For Your Dog

Dogs Get Cold Too

Your dog can be warm and stylish in these hoodies, prepared for any weather condition. These hoodies, which come in many different colors and styles, are $32 at

Water on the Go

I carry water with me, you carry water with you, why not your dog too? The perfect doggy water bottle for when they’re away from their bowl, sizes start at $22 at

Comfort First

You Will Take the Best Naps

The best blankets for the coldest nights! They are bound to keep you snug as a bug in a rug. $17 on Amazon – you may never leave bed.

For Night Cold and Morning Cold

Pop these guys into the microwave and you will have the warmest slippers awaiting you on the bitterest winter days. Warmies sells them for $30!

Stay Organized

Word for Word

A fun way to keep reminders or mantras and add a personal touch to a room, dorm or locker! Get a letter board on Amazon for $20.

Get Your Ducks in a Row!

Everyone needs to make a to-do list, notebooks come in handy. Encourage others to stay organized too! Barnes and Noble; $8.

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