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How a Social Media Campaign Turned Negatives into Positives

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Christopher Alvarez

As we turn by necessity to increased social media consumption, two seniors have found a way to spin that into a positive choice by reviving the Adelphi University Communications Department’s Instagram account. Sofia Fazal and Alyssa Striano said their purpose is to show students that life is not over yet.

This is a new learning experience for the department. Fazal, a communications major with a media studies concentration, said she hopes to get students and faculty more involved in their social media campaign, by sharing their stories and showing that we can still lean on each other during these stressful times. To date, Instagram @aucommdept already has 275 followers.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone was still able to be connected and feel together even though we weren’t together,” said Striano, the 22-year-old communications major.

This new social media initiative all started on March 4, 2020, when the two besties were inducted into Lambda Pi Eta and named co-presidents of the society. At first, the Instagram account was aimed at spreading awareness about the new communications' organization. But when the university shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the medium changed its focus into a stress reliever for the students.

Kimberly Lavery, an adjunct professor and advisor to the Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association Honors Society, said Striano and Fazal have been doing a great job with the Communication Department Instagram. The revival came as a great way to connect students and faculty, promote ideas and creativity, and use the platform to reach the greater university community and beyond.

“Their messages are inspirational,” said Lavery, “and could not have come at a better time.”

“What’s been really popular on Instagram right now are those games you add to your story and people are tagging their friends. A lot of people seem to enjoy it,” said Fazal, 22. “Given the situation, people are just trying to find light in anything and everything.”

And this is exactly the result. To date, four professors and technical director Jack Furtado, all of the Communications Department, have participated in #motivationalmondays, sharing positive messages. Students are enjoying the content, playing the games and some have even signed up for take-over Sundays, where students control the account for one day and show the audience’s life through their eyes.

The stellar results are in part because of the dynamic friendship these students have been able to build.

“Working with Sofia is fantastic,” said Striano. “We grew something small into something bigger.”

The Class of 2020 has gone through a lot, but in Fazal’s eyes they will come out to be more resilient.

“We had something taken away from us, sure but we’ve also gained so much more from that,” said Fazal. “That’s an important thing to recognize as well.”

Both Fazal and Striano wanted to leave their last paw prints as Panthers, and they succeeded with their revived Instagram account. You can connect with the department and choose to get involved by following them on Instagram @aucommdept.

The AU Communications Department Instagram featuring student

and faculty profiles. Provided by @aucommdept on instagram

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