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"HSMTMTS" Takes on College in Third Season Confirmed to Be Filmed on Adelphi's Campus

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Jaclyn Tracy

Go Panthers? More like go Wildcats! On March 3, 2020, the @adelphiU twitter handle tweeted something that soon had students buzzing campuswide, wondering what it meant. “Major Adelphi announcement to come… could very much be the `Start of Something New,’” the tweet read.

This tweet resulted in students all over campus nearly breaking the Internet with their guesses. “University Center will be opening before I graduate?” one first-year student jokingly wrote. “Garden City Bistro opening up a second location on campus?” a senior, Jessica DiRico, tweeted.

Almost a full week later, on March 9, right before the beginning of spring break, Adelphi sent out a campuswide email letting students know that the third season of the DisneyPlus hit, “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” was officially set to be filmed on Adelphi’s Garden City campus starting in spring 2021.

While little was revealed about plot points, the email sent out by Adelphi listed the many different locations that filming would primarily take place. These include the Performing Arts Center, to document some students continuing their theater careers, the Center for Recreation and Sports, the newly renovated University Center, Nexus, Swirbul and residence halls A and B.

The entire Adelphi community was shocked to hear that such a popular show with a massive following was going to take place at our small Long Island school.

Professor Brenda Laux, who teaches television production for the Communications Department, said, “TKTKTKTKTKT.”

Of the many students who were freaking out over this news, senior Kayla Dieppa said, “As a millennial, this is the craziest news to me. A show based on a movie I grew up singing along to and obsessing over is coming to my small college campus? Not only will the UC be open, but `HSMTMTS’ will be getting filmed on my campus after I graduate this May. Is it too late to apply for Adelphi grad school?”

Adelphi administrators explained that the filming of “HSMTMTS” will not affect any classes or campus life but will add to it by attracting their largest first-year class yet, as well as a more excited and enthusiastic student body. While the entire cast has not been confirmed to return, Joshua Bassett (Ricky), Olivia Rodrigo (Nini), Sofia Wylie (Gina) and Matt Cornett (EJ) have all signed contracts to be a part of this season.

While many students were extremely excited to hear this news, others were concerned of how busy campus will now become.

“With a major show like this being filmed on our campus, how am I supposed to possibly find a parking spot or get coffee in time at Paws Cafe before class? I can barely do that now!” said junior Sydney Lonigro.

In response to many concerns like this one, Adelphi ensured the student body that Public Safety and security will be on full watch more than ever to make sure no unsolicited visitors are crowding campus.

One thing’s for sure: Life is about to get real exciting on Adelphi’s campus over the next year. For more information, and to keep in the loop with all things “HSM,” you can visit, as well as follow @AdelphiU on twitter and Instagram for constant updates.

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