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It’s Not Just for Couples Anymore: How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Being Single

By Kurana Doobay

Although February 14 can feel like an occasion just meant for couples, there are plenty of reasons why you should celebrate all by yourself. Single shouldn’t mean miserable. You are holding yourself back by isolating yourself and commiserating about being single on Valentine’s Day. Take the holiday of love as a day to show yourself some of that love you pour into everyone and everything else. All you need is whatever makes you feel happy, loved, excited and confident. The place where that should come from is inside yourself! 

Buy yourself a gift! Maybe not a car or a diamond ring, but perhaps you’ve been eyeing a new pair of cute shoes and have kept making excuses for why you shouldn’t get them. Make Valentine’s Day the day. Everyone else is going on dates for their partners, but who needs a partner when you have a new pair of cute shoes? Besides, you’re the best person to receive a gift from, because you know exactly what you like best. 

Whether or not you have a partner, love always deserves to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day!

If you have single friends, plan a date night with them.You can go out or stay in, do something lavish or something simple, make it a big party or something casual. Being in the company of people who are going through the same thing as you will help you to realize that you aren’t truly alone. You can even make it a tradition among yourselves. People love you and people love your company – having a partner is not all that matters. Also, celebrating with your friends extends beyond Valentine's Day. Sometimes, close friendships can be so much more intimate than a romantic relationship. 

Perhaps you want to spend the day by yourself. Make some fun plans. It does not have to be something extravagant or expensive. Something as simple as getting a haircut, going thrift shopping, redecorating your room or even seeing a movie on your own can be fun and fulfilling. Having plans will take your mind off of being single and help you shift your focus to something exciting you’ve planned for yourself. It gives you something to look forward to, rather than dread. 

Remember those Valentine’s you passed out to your friends in elementary school? Most drugstores have some really cute designs and you can get some of your favorite candy to go along with them. Don’t forget to get a bag just for you, too. Make some of those this year and hand them out around campus. There are so many other people who feel just like you; you might just make someone’s day. Seeing everyone smile and say “thank you” will remind you that Valentine's Day is not always about showing love to your significant other, but spreading love all around you! 

At the end of the day, you aren’t missing out on anything if you are single on Valentine’s Day. If anything, someone is missing out on you! Stop being your worst enemy and start being your best friend. 

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