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Jonas Brothers Reunited Last Year, Guess Who Reunites this Year?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Maria Giovanna Jumper

As we are getting close to the midpoint of the semester, the Spring Concert is coming up soon. Students from the Student Activities Board (SAB) have something very special planned for all of us. After last year’s reunion of the Jonas Brothers, the students began to talk about what would be just as exciting.

This year at the Spring Concert the plan is to reunite everyone’s favorite boy band: One Direction. The plan is for the Spring Concert to be the start of their nine-month, world-wide reunion tour. With all of the boys’ solo careers taking off, they felt it was the perfect time to make their comeback.

Unfortunately, for diehard fans like this reporter, Zayn Malik will not be joining in the reunion. It will only be Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. After being split up for four years, they have decided to end the hiatus. What better way to do that then on a college campus filled with fans of the group?

SAB wanted the Spring Concert to be exciting, fun and the best it can be. They got in contact with their agents and after hearing “no” a lot, they finally convinced the guys that the event would be a great publicity stunt. After thinking it over, they finally agreed to perform.

SAB president Rachel Rossi said, “We wanted to create the best concert ever and honestly, what’s crazier than reuniting an iconic boy band!”

The performance is set to include their classic hits, including “What Makes you Beautiful” and other songs off their hit albums. They have also spoken about debuting some new music for the first time since the “Made in the AM” album. The music will be a combination of their new sounds.

Students are getting excited for the Spring Concert. Sophomore nursing major Julia Bacarella said, “This is the most iconic reunion to ever occur. Thanks, Harry Styles!”

Donatella Dennino, a sophomore nursing major, said, “If One Direction got back together and came to the spring concert, I will be one of the happiest girls in the world! I grew up listening to them and they almost shaped me into the person I am today., Being able to see them live again would be an incredible experience.”

Rossi went on to say, “The concert will sell out no doubt in my mind! They are superstars and everyone will want to attend. Better see you all there!”

There’s only one snag: As of this writing, One Direction has not yet committed to a date. But fear not: SAB has other concert plans in the works and will be making an official announcement soon.

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