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Make Your Voice Heard: #AdelphiVotes

By: Bianca Viana

As we approach the upcoming election on Tuesday, Nov. 3, the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is offering a unique opportunity to students: a blog series. It’s titled “Make Your Voice Heard: #AdelphiVotes” and the main focus is on the importance of voting.

For many college students this upcoming election is their first time voting for President of the United States. This is a great opportunity to inform students about the importance of voting, a right as a U.S. citizen that ensures your voice is heard. On Election Day, we have the opportunity to vote in government leaders and our democracy relies on our participation.

Get out and vote. There has never been a more important time to use your voice. This is a zoom virtual background available to all members of the Adelphi community on the website.

For the blog series, Amber Torvund, an intern at CSI, said, “Students are encouraged to write a short essay about a relevant topic of the importance of voting and being educated on the upcoming election.”

There are many students who do not believe their vote will make a difference. However, many recent elections have shown just how important it is to vote. Voting can prevent elections from being left to chance. Through voting we have a say in making sure certain issues that we are passionate about are addressed.

Before voting, however, it is important that we learn about the candidates and their views on issues that are important to us, so that we can vote in support of our beliefs. This new blog series is a great way to inform voters on the importance of issues such as climate change, foreign policy and LBGTQ+ rights to name a few.

Some topic ideas suggested by CSI are: “Why voting is important to you.” “If you're not eligible to vote, why is it important to you that others exercise their rights?” “Top 10 reasons to vote in the 2020 election.” “Highlight a specific issue that motivates you to vote.” Students aren’t limited to only these ideas and are welcome to write about what they feel is the most important.

Aside from informing the study body and other member of the Adelphi community, Torvund said there’s an added incentive. “Students who submit blogs have the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card.”

To submit blog posts, log-in to MyAULife, and follow the link at the top of the page.

Additionally, Adelphi’s Department of Public Safety will be offering free shuttle rides to polls on Election Day, November 3. Remember that there are no classes on that day so that students are available to vote. You can learn more about early voting sites, as well as where to drop off your ballot at

After the election, you can join a virtual “Post-Election Analysis” with the Political Science Department on Nov. 4 from 1-2:15 pm. Join Political Science Professors Maggie Gray and Traci Levy to discuss the 2020 election—even if we don’t know the results. Register by noon on Nov. 4. Contact them to register: Traci Levy, or Maggie Gray,

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