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Mango Pie: An Easy, Traditional Indian Dessert Recipe

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Ashlesha Pandit

Mango pie is a classic Indian dessert made from the tropical fruit mango, which is considered to be the king of fruits in India. You can either use a fresh mango or a can of mango pulp that is available at any Indian store. It has a smooth, creamy texture and the pie crust adds a crunchy, cookie-like taste. The color of the pie is an appealing orange and yellow. Preparation is hassle-free and gives a perfect amount of sweetness and delight compared to other desserts. In addition, it’s a chance to try a dessert from another culture.

Ingredients Needed:

1 fresh mango or 1 can of mango pulp (from Indian store)

3 packs of plain gelatin

16 ounces of sour cream

8 ounces of cream cheese

1 cup of sugar (you can also use a half cup of sugar if you prefer less sweet)

3 cups of boiling water

3 Ready-Crust Graham pie shells (from any supermarket)

1 can of whipped cream

3 slices of mango


  1. Pour three cups of boiling water into a pot and then mix the three packs of plain gelatin into it until it fully dissolves.

  2. Next, blend 1 cup or half a cup of sugar with the required amount of cream cheese into the mix. You can either use an electric mixer or a spoon, but make sure it blends properly.

  3. Then, add the required amount of sour cream to the mixture.

  4. Add a fresh mango or a can of mango pulp and make sure everything blends well.

  5. Then, pour the mixture into the Ready-Crust pie shell one by one until they are filled to the top. You will have a total of three pies.

  6. Then, place the pies in the refrigerator and let them sit for 2-3 hours maximum.

  7. Once your mango pies are ready, serve with whipped cream and one mango slice on top to make it more delicious and attractive.

Ashlesha Pandit (pictured here) shared a tasty and fun mango pie recipe. Pictures

provided by Ashlesha Pandit.

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