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National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Diana-Nicole Ramirez

Adelphi celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD), a nationally recognized day where schools, organizations and teams celebrate girls and women involved in sports throughout the United States, with an event attended by 65 8 to 12-year-old girls and 30 Panther female volunteers on February 8.

This new decade marked the 34th national anniversary of NGWSD—and Adelphi’s fifth year of participation. Whether an athlete or an athletic supporter, Adelphi recognized and supported all young girls and women who take part in sports. The event is a time to celebrate equality, emotional support and even mental health for girls and women of all ages. The university was all in when it came to representing our female Panthers, coaches and any future Panthers who hope to continue their athletic careers and possibly join our Brown and Bold teams.

At the Adelphi event in the Center for Recreation & Sport (CRS), female athletes and coaches hosted an activity-filled day celebrating NGWSD for young girls to be inspired by our Panthers and encouraged to keep moving forward in the sports world. Nichole Doran, coordinator of Athletic Administration, said this year’s theme was courage, which was explored through talks and workshops.

The day started with introductions from Adelphi coaches and athletes to the younger athletes. There were arts and crafts where the younger athletes were able to decorate their names with their own attributes on the Panther paw. There were also different indoor sports sections for the youth to take part in, with assistance from women’s team members, including field hockey, track and field, basketball, soccer and volleyball. Our Panther athletes were able to play with the girls and even teach them a few tricks, while also offering inspiration and emotional support.

Doran said the event is inspirational.

“It’s great to see our athletes come out to participate and teach what they do to a younger generation,” she said. “They get to play sports they may not have the opportunity to participate in like field hockey and volleyball. Our student athletes get to talk to them about what they encountered growing up. Since the theme this year was courage, two of our athletes talked about what they went through to get where they are. It warms your heart to hear the girls asking our athletes questions and hearing our players answer them. Our coaching staff also does an incredible job, and our athletes share their love of the game with the girls and become real role models.”

Mary Moore, head coach and assistant athletic director, said, “Our athletes got to make numerous small, but special connections on a very personal level throughout the day. I think the event is super motivating for the little girls who attend as they can get a little glimpse into what their futures might look like in sports.”

Doran said the men’s softball and tennis teams also lent their support. Further, Ferranti Empowerment played a role in the positive encouragement to the young athletes. Owner Amanda Ferranti, assistant coach for women’s soccer and a certified mental performance consultant, licensed soccer coach and a former professional soccer player, advocated mental skills training from her own personal experience, focusing on the theme of courage.

The Adelphi Panthers and coaches host this positive day for young girls annually. It is a fun event filled with hope and positivity for all young girls that wish to take part in sports now, and hopefully continue their careers in the future.

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