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New Study Abroad Opportunity Coming this Summer

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Maria Giovanna Jumper

Students are being invited to go to Antarctica on a new faculty led study abroad trip. As Antarctica is protected by the United Nations for scientific research the University thought this would be a great way for students to get real, hands-on, experiential learning from the scientists working there.

The Center for Student Involvement graciously thought of the idea. They are welcoming 360 students to come on the trip. As there are different areas of research happening at once students will be broken up into smaller groups to specialize in specific areas. Some will look into wildlife conservation, some will work on the ice caps, and there will be many more areas of study.

Arianna Livreri from the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) said, “360 Adelphi students will go to Antarctica for a new kind of excursion to encounter iconic polr wildlife and help them through the current climate changes.”

Climate Change has been on the mind of many students and the University is committed to providing accurate information and real ways of eliminating this problem. The campus itself has done things like switch to plant based straws and utensils, made changes to comply with the New York State plastic bag ban, and have incentivized the use of electric cars and car pooling.

To continue the steps they are taking, they want to make sure students are prepared to be working on this issue after they graduate. Additionally, this trip will be a unique and new experience for all of the students. Ms. Livreri said, “Students will hang with penguins while feeding them their favorite fish. With climate change and NY not really having a winter they will bring back some snow to cool this heat wave down here.”

With all the changes happening within the university, this trip is a way to go back to the college experience we wanted. The faculty led study abroad trip to Antarctica will be open for sign ups around April. Contact the Center for Student Involvement for more information.

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