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Opportunities at AU Have Broadened My Horizons

By Joanna Reid

I started writing for The Delphian in my sophomore year at Adelphi because I enjoyed writing and I thought it would be a good way to improve my writing skills and meet new people. The first article I wrote was about Jonathan Larson’s legacy on Adelphi, which is something that I’m really passionate about, so it made me happy to share it with others. 

Joanna Reid

Through The Delphian, I have gotten opportunities to interview people I look up to, like Anthony Rapp, Christie Baugher and Danny Mefford. Getting to sit down and talk to people in the theatre industry, which I hope to one day work for, was invaluable. I also got to attend my very first press preview this year as a writer for this paper, seeing “How to Dance in Ohio” on Broadway. This musical resonated so much with me and that made my first press preview extra special. 

Without The Delphian and the support of the team, I wouldn’t have been able to win the Best College Newspaper Reporter award from the Press Club of Long Island in 2023. And writing for The Delphian has made me seriously consider journalism as a job after I graduate. Some of the things I am most proud of writing have been written during my time at Adelphi. I have always taken an interest in writing and political science. 

That being said, I am happy that I have majored in both of them and over the years I have learned more and more about how these interests overlap. While Jonathan Larson was one of the things that interested me about Adelphi, I have even gotten the chance to broaden my horizons. Because I was able to see so many shows, both in the city and here at Adelphi, I feel like I have grown and now I know a lot more about theatre than I did when I first arrived at Adelphi. I have even gotten to do independent research on one of my favorite composers, Michael Freidman. I have met some of my best friends here and I hope I have taken advantage of all Adelphi has had to offer.

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