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Panther Pantry in Need of Volunteers During the Holidays

By Joanna Reid

Now that Giving Day has passed and the holidays are in full swing, it’s safe to say that there is no lack of goodwill on campus and this is something that the Panther Pantry knows best. The Panther Pantry aims to provide basic necessities like food, clothes and hygiene products for members of the Adelphi community who may need them. These items can be ordered through eCampus for free and confidentially. Walk-ins are also welcome during the pantry’s normal hours, which can be found on Adelphi’s website.

Erica Gibson (far right) with the AU Bailadores who volunteered at the pantry this past November

The Pantry stays open all year round, but the holidays are an especially important time for the organization. Panther Pantry volunteer coordinator Erica Gibson, a junior psychology major, shared that a lot goes into preparing for the holiday season. For Thanksgiving the Pantry created 22 meal kits that included traditional dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables and supplies to make pie. 

“The main challenge we face is getting enough volunteers to sign-on to stay during the holiday seasons. The Pantry isn't at all busier during the holidays, but we feel the need to stay open for those who need the resource, regardless of how many or few there are,” Gibson said.

In volunteering for the Panther Pantry, Gibson has had the opportunity to create a more convenient and enjoyable experience for both visitors and volunteers. “Starting this [school] year, we have a whiteboard that keeps the visitors updated with what to expect for item arrivals and we also have a smaller whiteboard on the fridges that I also added to advertise condiments and any perishable donations that we happen to receive.” 

Gibson has helped to implement a suggestion basket to better cater to visitors' needs as well. On top of this, she has worked on a career closet that gives out business attire, which may be helpful for interviews and other professional events. 

“My favorite thing about the Pantry is seeing us change for the better. The Pantry is becoming a better place everyday and I love it,” Gibson said. 

If you are interested in volunteering, donating or looking for more information on the pantry visit

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