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Panther Seniors' Post-Graduate Plans

By: Maxmillian Robinson

Many college students complete several semesters of school without realizing what they truly want to do. Eventually, most people will go on, receiving their cap and gowns, leaving them to wonder: What’s next?

The Delphian asked two female athletes what their upcoming plans are after 2021 graduation.

“After I graduate, I plan to take my NCLEX and become a registered nurse,” said senior track and field star Victoria Antoine.

Antoine, who notably has received several accolades from her sport (Named Diverse: Issues In Higher Education Arthur Ashe, Jr. Sports Scholar in 2019 and 2020, and the D2ADA Academic Achievement Award this past spring), has her sights sold on a traditional career path after she receives her certification.

Antoine said, “I would love to become a labor and delivery nurse, or work as a NICU [neonatal intensive care unit] nurse. I would love to work with kids and later on become an educator. I love to teach others and would love to help future nurses.”

Some athletes have their sites on professional play.

“After I graduate from Adelphi I would love to try to play overseas if I can,” said senior basketball guard Julia Strachan. “I have Swedish citizenship, and being able to play in the country my dad also played professional American football would be a very cool experience for me.”

Strachan added that aside from basketball she is considering law school “and/or something else in the political realm. That could be anything from running for a local office or working on a campaign.” She added, “I know for sure that I would never be where I am now without the support and love my family has provided, as well as the athletic lessons I have learned from my coaches and teammates here at Adelphi.”

Both athletes share their need for a mentor.

“My sister was a big mentor in my life.” Antoine said. “She is currently a NICU travel nurse working in two hospitals. I aspire to be like her and help save tiny humans everyday.”

Strachan said, “Outside of school, my greatest mentor is Representative Betty Poirier of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. I had the great honor of interning for her the summer after my sophomore year. Her grace as a leader and legislator taught me so much of the kind of leader I also strive to be one day.”

Be optimistic, find a mentor, and work hard on achieving your goals. With a set of guidelines to follow, you can be on your way to a successful career after college.

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