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Panther Spotlight: Sophomore Renner Is Honored as Goalie of the Week

By Andrew Smith

The Adelphi men’s lacrosse team finished the year with a 13-1 regular season record, with their first playoff game this Wednesday against #5 ranked Bentley. Every player has had a strong season so far. New transfer student Dylan Renner has fit right in with the team as goalie and has been an integral part of the successes they have enjoyed. He was awarded the title Northeast-10 Goalkeeper of the Week following strong performances against College of Saint Rose on March 29 and Assumption College on April 2nd. During these two starts, Renner averaged a 3.43 goals against.

Renner vs SNHU. Photo via AU Athletics.

The sophomore grew up in Roslyn Heights and attended school in Mineola. Renner, the middle child, credits his brothers Colin and Tommy for being an integral part of why he began to play lacrosse. Growing up, Renner spent a lot of time playing lacrosse with Colin. However, he didn't begin to play organized lacrosse until he was in the second grade.

Renner believes his siblings played an important impact in his athletic development. “I am the middle brother, so growing up we were always competing with each other for everything. Whether it be in sports or just anything in general we compete to be the best and I think it helps me on the lacrosse field.”

His brothers inspired him to pursue lacrosse and to be his best on the field, but he has other influences as well. Renner added, “My family and friends were always there along the way while growing up. Me and my best friends all played lacrosse together so it helped me grow my passion for the game.”

He said his friends supported each other during games and created a strong team environment for him.

He also looked to professional athletes to serve as inspirational figures in his own development. One of these is Tom Brady. Renner said, “His drive and leadership is unmatched and the biggest thing is he wins at all costs.”

Renner has only been a student at Adelphi for less than a year after attending Long Island University. He said he chose to transfer here “for its great teaching program and its historic lacrosse program.”

On why he feels AU is the place for him, he said, “After being here I already have gotten a great sense of that Panther pride. I love playing here and have amazing teammates who made me feel at home right away.”

After receiving his Northeast-10 Goalkeeper of the Week designation, Renner emphasized the great play and collaboration of his teammates. “I just want to thank my defense for helping me win this award. I could not have done it without them.”

About the current state of the team, Renner said, “So far we are having a great season being fourth in the country and beating two top-ranked teams. We still have a long way to go and we hope to win the NE-10 championship.”

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