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Roaming Reporter

By Hussein Ali Rifath

College life is different for everyone. We’ve all come here with unique backgrounds and experiences, which makes each of our Adelphi journeys different. For this issue’s Roaming Reporter, we wanted to investigate what students across campus wished they knew about college life before coming here. Their relatable responses give us a window into the concerns of other students on this campus, which can serve to ground our anxieties. Things may be difficult at times, but we’re not alone. The truth is, we’re all united in our quest to seek an education here, and in all the struggles that come with it.

Benjamin Acevedo, First-year

“I wish I knew how to budget more efficiently, for food and transportation so I won’t be broke. If it’s not a need, then don’t get it. And if it’s a want, make sure you can actually afford it–if you can’t buy it twice, then you can’t afford it.”

Kyle Blumenberg, Junior

“One thing I wish that I knew about college life is just the amount of people there were going to be. There’s so many diverse personalities and cultures. I wouldn’t say that it’s intimidating, but I would say that it’s a lot to adjust. At the same time, I’m embracing the change, little by little.”

James Diana ‘23

Cashier at The Market.

“I wish I knew that getting a job after graduating is not guaranteed, and, in fact, is not likely. The Career Center, sometimes they can’t help you, and it’s a bummer. That’s all I can really say about that. You have to figure it out on your own and find a job yourself, and it’s probably not going to be the one you were hoping to get when you first came to Adelphi. That’s at least how I feel.”

Aleena Arreola (left),


“I expected the teaching style to be different. I expected to come and be taught more, and for teachers to go step-by-step. I have to go after class and teach myself everything again because I didn’t retain it– the lessons went so fast. They teach as if we know it already, but we don’t know. We’re paying to learn this stuff.”

Kaylee Pluchino (right),


“I have to say that 8 am in college feels a lot earlier than 8 am in high school, and that we’ll be doing a lot of studying.”

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