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Senior Katie Schloss Reminisces on Her Time on the Volleyball Team

By: Lilyen McCarthy

Katie Schloss, a senior exercise science major with a minor in business, has been on the volleyball team since her first year. The Reno, Nevada native credited her family as being an integral part to her success as a college athlete.

“My family has played a huge role in my love for volleyball,” she said. “They have been my support system since the beginning of my volleyball journey and have encouraged me every step of the way. My parents have spent countless hours making sure I was ready to go to middle school, high school and club volleyball practices and games, which all led to me ultimately playing here at Adelphi. Even from home, they are still cheering for me and will always be my biggest fans.”

Schloss always admired Kerri Walsh Jennings and Victoria Garrick as role models who inspired her to try her best. Schloss explained, “I look up to Kerri Walsh Jennings, who is one of the most notable beach volleyball players. Her impact on the volleyball community has truly paved the way for female athletes in every sport, not just in volleyball. I also look up to Victoria Garrick, who played Division 1 volleyball and graduated from USC in 2019. She founded a non-profit organization called The Hidden Opponent, which raises awareness for student-athlete mental health and addresses the stigma within the sports culture.”

Schloss digging a ball during a match.

Schloss, who has devoted all of her time to the volleyball team, reflected on her time here and shared some of her favorite and special moments. “My favorite memory from playing at Adelphi was definitely my freshman year when we received a bid to compete in the NCAA Regional Championships. We were ecstatic to hear the news and were ready to play against any team they put against us. The practices leading up to Regionals were some of the most fun, competitive and energetic practices we had all season, making it one of my favorite memories so far at Adelphi.”

Schloss also shared her thoughts on the current season. She has a very positive outlook due to her teammates and their attitude and work ethic.

“We have had a good season so far and have a great team heading into the second half of the season,” she said. “We have had our up and down games, but are finally settling into competing against our conference rivals. Our team chemistry sets us apart from any other team, and we are a dynamic team that does not quit. I truly believe that these characteristics will help us make it far this season.”

Schloss continued, “For the remainder of the season, we are going to work hard to play each conference team as if they are the best team, and are looking to secure our spot in the NE-10 Championships. After this, we are working toward winning a bid to the NCAA Regional Championships and extending our season for as long as we possibly can. I truly believe we have a special team that is 100 percent dedicated to winning our season and works well together on and off the court, and it will allow us to continue our season further into the postseason.”

Schloss jumping for an attack during a match.

Lastly, Schloss reflected on what it has meant to her to be a Panther for four years. “I have loved my time at Adelphi so far and can't wait to make many more memories in my last year of undergrad here. Coming from the West Coast, it was definitely a chance for me to experience everything New York has to offer, but I am so lucky to have been given an amazing second family that has come with being a part of Adelphi volleyball.”

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