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Senior reflection: Maxmillian Robinson

By Maxmillian Robinson

It was Aug. of 2018, when I arrived on Adelphi University's campus to reside here over the next four years. I announced the launch of my personal retail company, MillianMade, and was known for being an athlete back in high school. I wanted to carry that tradition into college, so in my first year, I became a member of the Adelphi club basketball team, in addition being the team manager of the men’s Adelphi Panthers division two basketball team.

Max reflects on his college graduation with this picture from his preschool graduation.

In all honesty, writing was never my strong suit. In high school, I was the news anchor for the morning news announcements, but struggled with writing assignments in my English class. In my sophomore year at Adelphi, one day it occurred to me that I need to think longterm in order to fulfill one of my goals in life to be a sports broadcaster. On one hand, reporters are seen in front of the camera. On the flip side, they’re constantly taking notes, asking questions towards subjects and gaining information needed to deliver a great story. I was informed about an organization on campus called The Delphian newspaper, which produces articles for the student body. I decided I’ll give it a shot and see how I felt about it. After writing my first story, staffers and some people on campus were surprised how well the story was written. I was offered and accepted the sports editor position for the spring semester. I would continue to hold the role through the spring 2021. When I heard the role of editor-in-chief was open, I instantly went after it. Since then, The Delphian has been back in fully printed issues, including school and off campus advertisements, moreover, personalized cartoons.

If you told me four years ago that I would become the head editor of an award-winning newspaper, I’d say that you’re crazy. What I learned from being here is that no matter what you do in life, don’t be afraid to try something new. Not only was I able to create memories on campus, being able to interview “Stranger Things” actor, Gaten Matarazzo, I was also able to make memories off campus, landing an internship with YES Network, the television company for the New York Yankees baseball team. It allowed me to be on the field, around some of my favorite players for my favorite sports team. This all happened because I was willing to take a bold leap into something that was unique, yet turned out good on my behalf.

Looking back, while the road was not always smooth, I can positively say that I will leave Garden City having no regrets or cause for remorse. I tried everything I possibly wanted to, did everything that I wanted to do, and worked as hard as I possibly could to achieve everything I wanted. Thank you to Professor Liza Burby, website editor Justin Kresse, my fellow editors Katherine Farkas, Bianca Viana, Nicolas Rontanini, former editors in chief Maria, Jaclyn, Olivia and all the staff writers I’ve ever worked with. Without you, the paper would not be what it is today.

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