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Seven Back-to-School Items for Panthers

By Ennie Conner

A new semester always brings new challenges. Whether you are living on campus or commuting every day, you’ll need some new products to help you learn and work effectively. Here are some epic essentials for your year.

1. HEYHOUSE Closet Organizers These super-useful closet organizers are great for maximizing your wardrobe space. If you live in one of the Adelphi dorms, you’ll definitely want some of these. These closet organizers save space by letting you hang your clothes vertically. $13.99 for six at Amazon

2. Portable Charger with Wall Outlet Portable chargers are always useful to have on hand. This version has four charging ports and comes with a wall outlet so that you can plug your laptop in. $49.99 on Amazon

3. Three-tier Rolling Utility Cart With this three-tier cart, you’ll be able to save space and keep what you need, where you need it. This cart also comes with detachable hooks, wheels that brake, and a handle for easy pull-push action. Plus, it’s super cute. $16.99 at

4. Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case This case is extremely useful. It’s the perfect size for most bags and backpacks. It may seem small, but it’s got a nice handle strap, plenty of space inside, and – So. Many. Pockets. It comes in eight different colors, and is extremely durable. $9.69 at

5. Rubbermaid Takealongs 40-piece Food Storage Set Have food that you want to take back home or store? This 40-piece Tupperware set is great for keeping, storing and transporting food. The bigger ones can hold absolutely anything else that you need, such as toiletries and other essentials. $13.74 at

6. Laptop Case If you are ever worried that your laptop is going to break, you should probably get a laptop case. This particular case is thick and water-resistant, and has pockets for other things. It is a great size to fit in your regular backpack, and works for most laptop models. $17.99 at Amazon

7. Bluetooth Headphones If you’ve ever been trying to really get in the zone while studying, or simply just want to shut everyone else out, these headphones are lightweight, foldable, and have super clear sound. You’re able to adjust the headband piece and they even come with a wire – just in case you want to connect to a device. $29.99 at Amazon

These affordable essentials can help you get through the challenges you face this semester. Good luck in the new school year, Panthers!

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