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Small Business Highlight: Spots to Check Out in Garden City

By Mitch Cohen

As someone who doesn’t drive, one of the best aspects of attending Adelphi University is how incredibly convenient it is for me because not only are there many stores in town within walking distance, but there are several stores and restaurants to enjoy. What’s great about these stores is how they’re a mix of small and chain businesses. Alongside popular chains such as Starbucks and Panera Bread, smaller businesses such as Key Foods Marketplace and the Adelphi Deli can be found as well.

When it comes to grocery shopping, stores like ShopRite and Wegmans are the chains my family goes to at home. Unfortunately, these stores aren’t in Garden City, which means I have to rely on smaller businesses for my groceries. Thankfully, I found a grocery store close to Adelphi called Key Foods Marketplace. Located on 7th Street, it was one of the first small businesses in Garden City that I frequently went to. I first started shopping there last spring, as I wanted to practice independence by purchasing my own groceries.

When entering the store, the layout is similar to ShopRite, with frozen foods on one end of the store and produce on the other end. However, what makes Key Foods stand out to me is the size of the building itself. When I went there for the first time, the store was much smaller than I expected. In terms of size, it has the same amount of products as popular supermarket chain King Kullen. However, the size of the building itself reminds me of a small bodega in Manhattan. At first, I was disappointed by how small the store was because I thought the product variety would be limited. Thankfully, I was able to find everything I needed regardless. From candy to plastic utensils to produce, this store has all the essentials for the average college student. When shopping at Key Foods, I was surprised to see there was plastic silverware. I say this because whenever I needed that, I would go to CVS Pharmacy to purchase it. Overall, while Key Foods Marketplace is smaller than stores like King Kullen, it has definitely become one of my favorite small businesses because even with its smaller size, it still sells the same types of products that mainstream grocery stores have.

Located on Nassau Boulevard, the Adelphi Deli is known for delicious food and great customer service. Photo by Mitchell Cohen

In my hometown, a favorite restaurant of mine was the Short Hills Deli. What was so memorable to me was the delicious food and the cozy atmosphere. Unfortunately, the deli closed down due to the owner’s retirement and the recent pandemic. Luckily, there was a deli in Garden City that helped fill the void. Located on Nassau Boulevard, the Adelphi Deli stands out to me because alongside having delicious food, there is also a friendly atmosphere. Every time I visit the store, the employee and customer dynamic is very positive, as they always make sure that each customer is satisfied. Whenever I went there, the employees knew the customers by name and interacted with them while the food was prepared. In terms of their food, it has always been fantastic each time I go there. One of my favorite things to order there are sandwiches, which are made using fresh ingredients. Two of my favorites are the turkey sandwich and the Godfather sandwich, which includes Genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese. The best part about this sandwich is that it costs $8.99, making it very affordable. As for how it reminds me of my childhood, walking to the deli reminds me of when I used to walk to the Short Hills Deli when I was little. While the walk can feel long, I always enjoy looking at the scenic views of Garden City. The Adelphi Deli is a great small business thanks to its customer service, delicious food and an ambience that reminds me of my childhood.

Key Foods Marketplace and Adelphi Deli are two small businesses that I highly recommend checking out. By going to these places, I was able to learn how to be independent by running errands for myself. On top of that, both stores have excellent food and customer service, which is beneficial for any small business to be successful. For Adelphi students who enjoy exploring Garden City, going to both of these places is an absolute must.

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