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Sports With No Remorse? A Safe Return to Competition

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

By Maxmillian Robinson

Exactly one year ago, student athletes were feeling optimistic about a possible return to an active sports season, until the decision was made to cancel the fall sports season in late October. Fast forward, an inclement spring season was conducted, with several games being canceled due to players testing positive with the virus. Now, the question remains: Can a full season be continued for our fall sports?

Panther fans are prepared to cheer on all Adelphi sports teams, returning to the stands under new safety guidelines.

“While I can't speak to the definity of seasons happening or not, I believe that we are in a good place for sports to take place for all [three] seasons,” said Andrew McCabe, assistant athletic director for Facilities and Gameday Operations. “We will be following all federal, state and local guidelines when it comes to playing any sports here at Adelphi. When playing last spring, the guidelines changed so we adapted as the season went on to make sure we were compliant.”

This comes to be good news, considering that many fall athletes missed out on the opportunity to play in front of the fans for their fourth and final season. However, a new rule was put in place that allowed senior athletes who had their season canceled to return and play for a true final season in front of their fans. But with Covid still lingering, will there even be fans allowed?

“Yes, fans will be allowed at games this upcoming season, along with playoffs,” McCabe said. “The NCAA [National Collegiate Athletic Association] will be returning to a full schedule of fall sports, unlike the reduced schedules for the athletes this past spring.”

That means a full regular season, playoffs and tournament championships around the nation. Fans will be allowed to come into the stands, cheer on their home teams and make a valiant effort to return for each game that is presented to them.

Let's do us all a favor: Be responsible, maintain a healthy distance from others when attending and be sure to always sanitize. That way, the experience for the games can be the best possible for all in the venue.

“Fans can continue to follow all the guidance that comes out from Adelphi and other agencies in order to protect themselves and others,” McCabe said. “We have plenty of room at our sporting venues that will allow us to space out as much as possible.”

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