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Student Entrepreneur Makes His Mark in Retail

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Jacquelyn Smiley

Current picture of Max wearing his brand MillianMade, featuring a crew neck sweater and his winter coat.

With social media use being a standard way of life, it’s common for people of all ages to take the initiative in making their own creative trend so that they may have a platform. Maxmillian Robinson, 19, is one of them. The sophomore communications major has created his own brand: MillianMade, specializing in retail products, which believes in the idea behind “self-empowerment.”

While it’s currently only a clothing company, Robinson said he hopes to one day do more than that. In fact, he wants to be a resource for all things people need around the globe. He said his business is made entirely by him to represent himself and the changes he wishes to see in this world.

“I’m inspired daily by my company’s slogan `Change the Game,’ meaning, it does not matter where you started or came from, but with hard work and determination, you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

Like most entrepreneurs, Robinson’s decision started with a vision and a dream. However, he was able to take this self-made journey and turn it into a collection of affordable hoodies, sweaters, jackets, socks and other accessories.

“Getting started with my business was no easy task,” he said. “I constantly have to search for new creative ideas, expand on new items for each collection and thoughts to promote my brand. Also, knowing that this is a form of revenue, I try my hardest to set a baseline quota for how many items I can distribute to my customers on a monthly basis”

Robinson juggles many roles beyond being an entrepreneur. He is also a basketball player, involved in PAWS radio station, a model who has walked in New York’s Fashion Week, an Adelphi admissions ambassador and co-sports editor of The Delphian.

With a dream to have MillianMade accessible to all people in all walks of life, Robinson is taking the meaning of being a self-made business to the next level. While he has also created two commercials for his business, it is quickly expanding. You can connect with him through his website or follow him on Instagram @kingmaxmillian.

His website is fully accessible through any web browser and you can also shop through his online store using the shop tab. His business provides a shipping service, or you can request something from him personally and he can hand deliver it to you.

Until recently, you could find Robinson around campus wearing his own clothing line or at any of Adelphi’s other events.

“My philosophy behind MillianMade is that we can all be Millianmade because success is a journey not a destination. Let’s all travel towards greatness together,” he said. “There’s no doubt that I want to be successful, which means day by day I’m understanding what it truly means to be Millianmade.”

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