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Student Poetry Corner - Becoming Him

The Delphian has introduced this poetry section so students may submit their original poems to be considered for publication. Submit poems up to 250 words to and

As I am coming up on my three-year anniversary of being out as trans I felt it fitting to showcase this poem I wrote about me not only discovering who I am but fully embracing myself. Being trans is hard sometimes but over time I became the people I look up to in the trans community for others. If you like this poem you can see it performed as a song at the Fall Arts Festival on Wednesday, Oct. 12 around 1 pm in the courtyard area outside the UC.

Becoming Him

By Mylo Fisherman

She walked these halls not too long ago

A photo of a person I used to know

Becoming him was hard

But leaving her behind was harder

He looks in the mirror and she is the reflection

It's so hard to bear the mental misconception

Her physical quirks are always within him

the features of which make him grim

She is there when he picks out his clothes

Helping him make sure that no one knows

She is there when he puts on his binder

A little piece of fabric that serves as a reminder

She is there in the crimson river

The monthly disaster that makes him shiver

She makes things so tough

But he is so much tougher

He cut off her hair

A masculine sight that felt great to wear

He changed her name

Mylo being one he could proclaim

Despite his lack of testosterone

His strength and visibility shown

Past me would be proud

To see my pride so loud

He became the person he needed when he was younger

Becoming him was hard but adversity made him stronger

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