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Student Poetry Corner - Kairos

Kairos is a Greek word that defines a short but perfect moment of peace, often overlooked in daily life. It represents a serene pause, offering a breath of ease. Embracing these moments is essential yet often forgotten.


By Madison Castelli (junior psychology major

In the hush of a dim-lit street,

where shadows dance 

with the remaining light,

kairos whispers.

It's the artist's brush suspended,

a moment ripe with potential,

where colors bleed into a legacy.

The crowd's roar dims to silence,

the band’s pulse syncs 

with the breaths of all who watch. 

A Greek philosopher sits on the curb,

watching the wandering live their lives. 

There is no need for him to take note,

to put his thoughts to ink and 

ink to paper, forever immortalized. 

He sits in place, lost in thought,

where the fabric of time seems to fray and decay. 

Kairos cradles his mind in unseen hands,

as the world around him 

unravels into countless tales. 

In the gaze that knows no hour,

eyes lock, futures align,

kairos, the architect of fates intertwines.

It's the serendipity of a chance encounter,

the crossroads of decision,

where paths unfold with a single step, 

accident or not.

Kairos doesn't knock, nor does it wait,

it's the delicate dance of existence,

where everything aligns, just so,

and in that fleeting moment, life breathes.

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