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Student Poetry Corner - "Note to a Star"

I originally shared "Note to a Star" at an awards ceremony. I wanted to send the message that in the midst of all the brilliant people with whom we interact, our brilliance is just as valid and certainly unique. "Note to a Star" is a mini ode to individuality and to greatness, within each individual and within the collective. As we embark on a new semester, I hope this piece will serve as a reminder that we are all inherently stars.

“Note to a Star”

by Candice Garwood (sophomore international studies major)

You are amongst stars but you are one in a million...

no other shines just like you within this stunning constellation.

Yet on the surface one may not see the grandeur of who you truly are-

beyond your illumination that guides the paths of those both near and far-

small but vibrant,

bold and triumphant...

You make a statement from the inside-

a celestial being in which pure magic resides…

and though there are others of your kind

only you can give off YOUR light -

acknowledge how you gleam & conquer the night.

Fellow star,

you have every right to live and thrive

in this space as you do

there is absolutely no one who can fill this space like you.

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