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Thank You for the Last Four Years

By Bianca Viana

Here we are four years later and it almost feels surreal to be writing about my time here on The Delphian. I’m Bianca Viana and I am a nursing major graduating this May. I started with The Delphian in my freshman year, and four years later here I am as the Features Editor. Who would have ever thought!

I remember attending my first Delphian meeting in the basement of Earle Hall being extremely scared, not knowing a single person in the room and feeling intimidated to raise my hand and claim a story. Writing features was an area I had keen interest in as I was able to write about campus happenings, and highlight a variety of people and organizations on campus. In my sophomore year I was first asked to come on as an Assistant Features Editor and I eventually transitioned into the role of Features Editor within that year.

This role has taught me a lot about effective communication and collaboration as I’ve worked closely with writers, other editors and even designers to produce multiple physical and online issues to life. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to work with writers in developing and refining their ideas, providing them with feedback and guidance on their writing, along with editing their pieces before publication. I have met so many people through The Delphian and have covered events from clubs and Greek life, all the way to the Women’s Leadership Conference.

Bianca enjoyed her time on The Delphian and cannot wait to see the work of future students while watching the paper grow.

The past four years have been nothing short of hard work and curating interesting and engaging content for the Adelphi community. Getting to firsthand see the impact my work has had on readers has really allowed me to have a sense of accomplishment, which has only served as a motivator and building my confidence. Being a nursing major while also being heavily involved in various leadership positions on campus served as a challenge these past four years, however there was never a time where I wanted to stop writing for The Delphian. The Delphian served as an outlet for me to express myself and step outside of very long and intense class work. I have met so many talented people during my time at The Delphian, and was welcomed into a community of like-minded individuals, all of whom have supported me throughout this journey.

Looking forward, I hope to continue writing in some aspect in my future as it's something that I truly enjoy. My interest as of right now lies in critical care, and I hope to begin my career there. I have always had a passion for helping others and after two years of clinical experience at the bedside, I know that nursing is the right choice for me. There are no other nursing majors on The Delphian staff so I have really used this as an advantage in being able to engage the nursing community with the paper these past four years bringing a new perspective into the paper. I started an initiative to highlight different clubs on Adelphi’s campus this past year as well, and I hope this continues on as it's a great way to highlight all the opportunities Adelphi holds.

Use your voice, speak up for what you are passionate about, write about it! Good luck, Panthers!

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