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The Bright Side of the 2021 Vacation Schedule

By: Loren Negovan

While Spring Break 2021 will look different, there are some reasons to consider a positive approach. For some students, a week-long break can be stressful. Some may not have the luxury of being able to go back home during a week-long break, and so they might find themselves alone on campus. This might lead to them having the desire to go back to studying and doing work, rather than taking some time to sit back and unwind.

Having just one day off during a week can really allow for students to take some time for themselves and set their studies aside. Additionally, with this new change, now we will have more breaks throughout the semester, which can actually be really beneficial in allowing for students to take mental health breaks.

Students can really utilize these days off to catch up on things they may have fallen behind on. Sophomore Valery Vasquez said, “I’ll probably be doing homework or relaxing on my days off.”

Although spring break looks different this year, it doesn't mean that you still can't enjoy those days off. Take some time to relax and focus on yourself.

Many students can take advantage of these individual days and use them to take a well-deserved rest or catch up on their favorite Netflix show.

These days can also be used for self-care; it is especially important that students do not forget to take care of themselves during this time. Sophie Muhlbauer, a sophomore, said, “I would probably do what I normally do on the weekends. I would exercise, do homework, meet with friends on Zoom and do chores.”

Following Muhlbauer’s example, if you've been putting off an errand such as cleaning your room, you may use the day off from classes to catch up. For exercise, you do not have to do anything complex; your form of exercise may be just getting up and dancing to your favorite music. Dancing in particular is a good way to loosen up, so this is one way you can take care of yourself on the days off.

To help themselves get less stressed over what to do on their days off, students can make a list of things they want to do. Of course, they should not pressure themselves to make a schedule, and only do so if they want to. For example, they may plan to catch up with chores and homework in the first half of the day and exercise in the second half.

Students can spend these days off by simply going for a walk outside and working on their hobbies. Sometimes we all just need that one day off so we can take a moment to just breathe and enjoy life in the moment. We have all been through a lot in this pandemic, and it is only fair that we try and make the most of these days off.

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