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The Class of 2026 First-Year Experience Returns to In-Person

By Mitch Cohen

Now that the fall 2022 semester is well underway at Adelphi, students are excited about what the 2022-’23 school year has to offer. This semester is significant because Adelphi has lifted many Covid restrictions, including making mask-wearing optional—unless a professor requires it in their classroom—and discontinuing the daily health screenings. That means that the class

Students got to enjoy off-campus trips during Welcome Weekend, such as going to Dave & Busters restaurant. Photo provided by Center for Student Engagement

of 2026 will have the full college experience, such as having the in-person Welcome Weekend, which had been virtual for the past two years. From August 26-28, students participated in activities such as attending a Mets game and watching “Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” on the baseball field.

Not only does Welcome Weekend allow students to enjoy events, it also helps them to acclimate to campus life. Matthew Fields, a first-year nursing major, said that the event allowed him to get better situated at Adelphi.“It was great meeting classmates for the first time, knowing what I’d get myself into,” said Fields.

For many students, choosing their dream school is an exciting time. A factor that influences their decision is the campus location. Sakina Zaheer, a first-year computer science major, chose to attend Adelphi due its location within an hour commute to Manhattan.

“I feel that the college is not too far from the city because I love the city and I love traveling and exploring places,” said Zaheer, who added that while she enjoys traveling to New York City, Adelphi’s suburban locale is less “chaotic.” “I’m not in the chaos and I’m not in the middle of it.”

A major difference between this year and the previous two is having more in-person classes. Stephanie Lake, director of the criminal justice program and a faculty member in the Department of Sociology, believes students learn better in an in-person setting. “I think it’s incredibly beneficial to have students in the classroom,” said Lake.

While Zoom classes helped continue instruction, the downside during the last two years was a lack of in-person events. Lake, who advises Adelphi’s Criminal Justice club, said, “All of our events [had to move online]. This adjustment was difficult for students because they couldn't attend events in person.”

Although it’s still early in the semester, the class of 2026 has several things to look forward to. For example, they can get involved with campus life. Sirak Kahsai, a first-year computer science major, is excited about joining clubs at Adelphi. “I did sign up for the Environmental Action Coalition [and considered] Club Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee,” said Kahsai.

With more in-person events this year, student morale will increase because they have more opportunities to interact with one another. By doing so, they’ll create memories that will last a lifetime.

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