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The National Society of Leadership and Success Encourages Students to Achieve Their Leadership Goals

By Joseph D’Andrea

For college students, preparing for their future is a top priority. In order to grow in ways that aid in achieving a goal of success in their careers, students can become involved in organizations that will lead them down a career path full of self-confidence. One method of doing so at Adelphi is by becoming a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS).

NSLS provides expertise for members to improve their capabilities in the profession- al field, while offering not only academic, but career-oriented benefits through one’s membership.

Founded on Adelphi’s campus in spring 2020, the NSLS teaches students skills that prepare them for the workforce and make them a more suitable and attractive candidate for a position in the future. As expressed by NSLS’ faculty advisor, Trevor Fraser, the club, whose membership has grown to well over 350 students, offers experiences that will impact students’ mindsets in a beneficial way in terms of attaining leadership skills, strengthening one's own morale and providing a space for students to share their voices.

Speaking on why the club has emerged at Adelphi, Fraser explained, “[Our president] had done an internship with NSLS and realized that the organization was an excellent leadership building resource for students, but had no presence at Adelphi. This motivated her to begin the process of forming a chapter at the Garden City campus, and she expressed this to me… In addition to good grades, leadership building and networking (forming relationships) is what I believe a college experience should provide to students.”

Kianni Johnson, a senior in the Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program, acts as the student president and founder of the NSLS Adelphi chapter.

“NSLS is not just an honor society,” Johnson said. “We are the largest collegiate leadership society in the United States with over 650 chapters currently existing at colleges across the country, with more than a million members. Specifically, at Adelphi most honor societies have a specific GPA requirement or are department specific. We also welcome members to submit a request to join NSLS, regardless of their GPA, should they have any interest in the chapter. This allows NSLS to be more inclusive than a traditional honor society.”

As Johnson noted, the club sets out to improve each and every one of its members through a five-step program, “in which they complete the five steps of the Foundations of Leadership: Orientation, Leadership Training Day (LTD), Success-Networking Team Meetings, Speaker Broadcasts, and finally, Induction.”

She also explained that what sets NSLS apart from other AU clubs is that the goal for its members is of universal interest, and it presents a broad range of real-life abilities and other possibilities to be taken from each meeting.

“Students are taught to discover and achieve their goals to develop them academically, personally and professionally,” Johnson said. “NSLS also provides an opportunity for members who are not already involved in an organization on campus to be a part of a society that is widespread across the nation.”

She said that some of the many benefits of being a member of NSLS include access to a job bank with a wide range of employers seeking to hire NSLS members, a personalized letter of recommendation that you can send to employers and admissions officers, scholarships and awards of over a quarter-million dollars available exclusively to NSLS members each year, and partner discounts of membership savings worth hundreds of dollars, including discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses and car insurance.

Rubi Varughese is a senior nursing major and society events chair for NSLS, overlooking new members throughout their induction process.

Discussing what it means to be a member of NSLS, Varughese said, “Our meetings offer new members a way to learn their inner leadership ways and what traits they possess while meeting other leaders in the same group. There is a chance for everyone to get involved and share their voice. We are a true honor society that empowers others to grow in leadership. Having membership on a resume looks great on a resume but we also offer so much more.”

Varughese added, “After completing the foundations of leadership, which is the first certification we offer, there is the advanced and the executive leadership certification. The advanced and executive leadership provides real-world experience in leading and facilitating, training in highly-sought-after management skills, and professional networking to build connections and open doors. It has provided me with more opportunities to apply for more scholarships and enhance my leadership skills.”

The NSLS currently meets virtually on a bi-weekly schedule. More information regarding meetings can be found on

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