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Visit “Chambers of Hell” to Have a Spooktacular Halloween Season

By Ezabell Mulokandova

If you want to add some spook to your Halloween season you should definitely visit the haunted house “Chambers of Hell” located just off the Expressway on the westbound service road in Hauppauge. This haunted house sets itself apart from others due to its level of professionalism in all aspects. There are three separate haunted houses that make you feel like you’re walking into three different horror movie sets. They have superior set designers. D Oscar Gonzalez makes almost everything in the haunt by hand; they use as little pre-made product as possible.

Photo by Frank Ingargiola

The first haunted house is called “Massacre on Bourbon Street” and the set designers built it to resemble New Orleans. It includes representations of everything from an antebellum mansion, the French Quarter, Lafayette cemetery, as well as a bayou. The second haunt is called “Legends” and features, legendary monsters of folklore end. It is built to resemble a system of caves and includes several areas where you will have to crawl or duck to make it through. The third haunt is called “Inferno.” It’s their interpretation of what hell would look like. It is a series of very detailed and very gory factory-type rooms where demons work in perpetuity.

The actors are also exceptional. They have an auditioning process and once the actors pass that they are put in a training program.

According to Frank Ingargiola, who is in charge of guest relations at the haunted house, “The fright level is very high. We are one of the scariest haunts that you’re going to ever attend. You’ll experience a lot of scary atmospheres and see many actors, as well as lots of jump scares. It’s going to really freak you out.”

On a recent day, two customers who live on Long Island, Sabrina and Steve Brosnihan, stopped to share their experience. “It was amazing and very spooky. We will absolutely come back and tell everyone we know to come back with us so they can get scared too.”

This is also a fully indoor attraction and includes an indoor waiting area in case of bad weather. Be forewarned if you have sensory issues or claustrophobia; there are lots of specialized lighting, including strobe lights, as well as a variety of scents that simulate everything from coffee, charred corpse, dirt, mildew, swamp marsh, gasoline and sulfur, and there are some very tight rooms.

But, if you are ready to experience this level of spookiness take your friends and enjoy this incredible experience at the “Chambers of Hell” haunted house located at 1745 Express Dr. North in Hauppauge.

The cost of the tickets is $45, but they offer $5 off to college students for cash with a student ID card. This attraction will be open until Oct. 31. The days to visit “Chambers of Hell” are Fridays from 7 -11 pm; Saturdays from 8.-11 pm; Sundays from 7-11 pm; and they’re also open for select weekdays from 8-10 pm. It is recommended to come with comfortable clothing, and nothing fancy because you will get in a couple of situations where you may have to crawl so you might get a little bit dirty, and it's best if you don’t wear any jewelry. Visit their website for more information:

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