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Ways to Beat Boredom When Your Social Life Has Been Reduced to Home

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Mylo Fisherman

Now that we’re socially isolated under the governor’s order until at least May 15, we all have some extra time on our hands with no clue how to spend it. It is important to find some ways to keep yourself occupied in order to avoid boredom setting in. Here are some ways to spend your time while quarantined.

Pick Up a New Hobby

Have you ever wanted to pick up a hobby but never had the time? Now is the perfect time to start one. Learn how to bake, cook or home in on the culinary skills that you already have. Start that creative project you never got around to. Learn how to play that instrument. Write a song or cover one that you love. Painting, drawing and coloring are some other ways to get creative, but you could also pick up poetry or photography. Learn that TikTok dance. Read that book. Nothing is getting in the way of you doing what you want to do; time is on your side.

Editor’s Note: We’re interested in hearing from you about hobbies you’ve picked up—or continued—during this time. Please send us photos of you displaying what you’ve made: bread loaves, 1,000-piece puzzles, masks, whatever. And we’ll publish your story in the last issue of the school year next month.

Movie/TV Show Marathons

You know that show or movie that you always wanted to watch? Now is the time to catch up. From old classics to new shows and movies that are a must-watch, there is something for everyone. Additionally, if you wanted to see anything that was supposed to be in theaters, check your local streaming services as some movies went straight to streaming as movie theaters shut down due to the virus. Also, you don’t have to watch your TV shows and movies by yourself, even if we are in quarantine. With an active Netflix subscription and the Netflix Party Chrome extension, which is free, you and your friends can simultaneously watch anything on Netflix together and discuss what you are watching using the chat feature.

Get Organized

Getting organized means a lot of things. It doesn’t just mean cleaning your room. It means setting a schedule for yourself and finding some normalcy in this time that is very chaotic. It means cleaning your computer and getting rid of unnecessary files and filing ones that you need for later away neatly so you can find them again. It means organizing your music playlists, if that’s what you are into, and maybe even making new ones. It means going through your clothes and getting rid of, repurposing or donating pieces that don’t fit or aren’t being worn. It means getting into that work-out routine. (See page 8 for the virtual workouts Center for Recreation and Sports is offering.) All of these things classify as organization and will definitely make you feel productive.

Get Some Fresh Air

Being cooped up inside your house or apartment all day will not do you any good physically or mentally. Although Governor Andrew Cuomo has recently mandated wearing masks when social distancing may not be an option (i.e. walks in the park or down the block), you can still leave your house for a little while. Take a bike ride, a walk or a run. Get your blood flowing, feel the breeze in your hair and the sun on your skin.


This seems counterintuitive as we are in quarantine, but there are so many ways you can socialize although we are physically separated. Host some virtual game nights and use online platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangout, FaceTime or Skype to connect with everyone in a non-physical way. Additionally, continue checking MyAULife for programs to connect with your fellow Panthers as most groups and organizations are still hosting events, but virtually. Remember that you are not alone and although this is a stressful time for everyone, try not to isolate yourself. That is one of the worst things you can do for your mental health.

Finally, remember throughout this quarantine there is always something to do; you just have to find something that interests you and do it. No matter what happens, the people who had your back before this outbreak will still have your back if you need anything. All you have to do is reach out.

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