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When it Comes to Finding Parking Early Classes–and Luck–Hit the Spot

By Lizz Panchyk

Parking on any campus can be particularly difficult. Luckily, at Adelphi, parking stickers are free and available through Public Safety. At times, though, it is hard to find a convenient spot. 

In addition to nine parking lots, Adelphi has two parking garages: one by Nexus and the other by Motamed Field. The school is very centrally located, making it a popular commuter school. Only about 20% of students live on campus. Residents are allowed cars as well, so some parking spots stay occupied, particularly at parking lots four, six and seven (all of which are located near the residential halls). That’s a lot of parked cars.

The most central parking area is lot two, which is located near the University Center. This is a particularly convenient place to park because it is at the first entrance of the University when you turn from Cherry Valley to South Avenue. If you get there early enough, or at a time when classes let out, you can find a parking spot without having to circle around the campus. 

Second-year Nikta Keypour, who tries to park close to the UC, said, “It’s really a first- come, first-serve situation so it’s easier if you have earlier classes; 8-9 am it’ll be very easy to find parking everywhere, but good luck after that.” 

The fall semester was particularly difficult to find parking at this location in the morning. However, once noon hit, the crowded lots began to let up. The very first row when you turn into the lot tends to open up first. 

However, the parking lot that is almost always filled to capacity is lot one by Nexus building. According to Joseph Goodrich, assistant director of transportation and parking, this lot reaches full capacity by 9 am most weekdays. It’s small with only about 100 spots and even with the parking garage for more than 200 cars, spots are snatched up fast.

Goodrich said that while there are about 1,400 first-year students for 2023-’24, “we have not observed a significant increase in parking issues as first-year enrollment has also increased.” 

This is not only because of the variation of class times, but also the additional off campus parking located at the Garden City pool.

 Finding a good spot isn’t always the end result, as you may find yourself circling around waiting for someone to pull out. Proximity is important, especially for students rushing to get to class on time. 

While central parking is desired, it comes down to a matter of luck and time. Parking differs from semester to semester based on class times. If you know when classes are let out (for example, 11-11:50 am), you may be able to find parking if you leave a gracious amount of time for those commuters to leave (around noon). 

When a majority of classes were online, parking was plentiful. Now with the opposite occurrence, commuters need to leave a little extra time for parking matters. For students, the best parking is located close to the building their class is in. We’re lucky enough to have a campus where most buildings are within walking distance.

Commuters, it may not feel like enough parking, but don’t fret. Once the semester settles in, it will be a bit easier to find a spot. When in doubt, you can always park in one of the garages or find a space near Post Hall. And if the timing is right, that spot will find you.

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