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Will George Santos Become Head of AU Political Science Department?

By Joanna Reid

Long Island Congressman George Santos has been all over the news lately and now he has claimed he will be taking over as the head of Adelphi’s Political Science Department. Despite the fact that no political science staff members have announced their departure, Santos issued a public statement recently. “I am excited to be taking over as the chair. I feel as though I’m overqualified for this job and have been preparing for it for 36 years,” said the 34-year-old. “I’m happy to share my wisdom with students who are soon to go out in the workforce.”

As of this writing the administration and staff have not confirmed this announcement.

George Santos was elected in 2022 to represent New York’s 3rd Congressional district.

Unfortunately, some students seem a little bit concerned with this surprising news. “After all the news that has come out about Santos I’m worried that he will influence students to make poor decisions. But if this is what it takes for him to resign from Congress, I guess it’s in the best interest for Americans’,” stated an anonymous sophomore.

Santos plans to lead a few of his own classes at Adelphi as well. He will be teaching a criminology course and even plans to use his own alleged crimes as examples to show that the justice system is unfair and many criminals slip under the radar. “I actually used to be the president of Adelphi, so I’m excited to be returning to a school that has treated me so well,” Santos said.

Not only will Santos be the chair of the Political Science Department, he also plans to get involved in the university’s Theatre Department. As Santos has stated in the news, he was a producer of “Spiderman Turn-Off The Dark” on Broadway and now he will be staging a full production of the show with Adelphi’s theater students. The show is expected to run in the Black Box Theatre from May 1- 5. However, a quick check by this newspaper reporter into the Performing Arts Center schedule did not yield any proof of this. Perhaps it’s a show that is under wraps?

Santos’ cannot wait to join the Adelphi community. “I look forward to teaching students everything I know and how they too can cheat the system and become an elected official,” he said.

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