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Yankees and Mets Set for First Ever Scrimmage on Campus

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Jake Malone

For the first time ever, Adelphi will be hosting a professional baseball game between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. The game will take place in March 2021 and is expected to be the last spring training game before each team starts their regular season.

The making of this game wouldn’t have been possible without the help of head baseball coach Dom Scala. Scala was able to recruit Yankees general manager Brian Cashman to be the guest speaker at the Adelphi Athletic Banquet back in December. At the Banquet, the two talked about the idea of the teams playing at Adelphi’s turf baseball field. Cashman had some reservations about the idea but agreed he would send a representative to inspect the field. Once the field was deemed suitable for the Yankees to play on it, Cashman agreed to have their final spring training game be played 40 minutes from their home stadium.

When the Yankees came to the Mets with this idea, the Mets were very interested in the prospect of playing a scrimmage game a short drive away from Citi Field. The game will be a must-see for fans and students across the Island.

“Honestly, I just hope most of the starters are able to play. I just want to see the Polar Bear hit. He’s just a sav,” said Dan Macias, a junior neuroscience major at Adelphi.

The final spring training game tends to see the teams play most of their starters, so expect the stars such as Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Pete Alonso and Michael Conforto to be on the diamond for most of the game.

Tom Leuthner, a sophomore communications major, reflected on this news. “I am ecstatic! To have a chance to attend this historic game will be something I am looking forward to all year. Growing up a lifelong fan of the Yankees, I will finally get to see my favorite players up close a minute away from my dorm room.”

The Yankees and the Mets have been in city rivals since the Mets were formed in 1962. The Subway Series was coined when the teams play each other because the stadiums are a subway ride away from each other. The teams have been playing each other since 1967 and the Yankees are leading the regular season matchup with a record of 71-51.

The most famous matchups took place in 2000 when the teams faced off in the World Series. It was one of the most anticipated title matchups of all time and was sealed by a Yankees win in game five to give them their 26th championship.

The exact date that this game will take place has yet to be announced. Adelphi plans on bringing in two sets of portable bleachers and will even be allowing students roof access to the library for a grandstand type feel. Tailgating will be also be permitted for this game and the university hopes to hold a firework display after the final inning.

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