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Young Dolph: The Most Underappreciated Rapper of All Time

By Mitch Cohen

With the popularity of Rap Music, it’s easy for people to gravitate towards an artist they love. Some people like lyrical artists like Kendrick Lamar and Nas. Others are interested in rappers who make music that hypes people up. In 2021, these two styles coexist, with even more on top of that. Unfortunately, many mainstream and independent rappers become overshadowed, such as Memphis rapper Young Dolph.

Young Dolph has a label called P.R.E (Paper Route Empire)

I first heard of Dolph back in 2016. During that time, I listened to mainstream artists such as Drake and Young Thug. While my peers enjoyed these artists, I grew uninterested in them because I wanted to diversify my tastes. Around this time, I listened to a song called “Cut It” by two rappers named O.T. Genasis and Young Dolph. While Genasis had a forgettable verse, Dolph was the exact opposite. Even though the song wasn’t his, his energy demanded the listener’s attention. Looking back, I should have enjoyed Dolph’s music immediately. Yet for the next six years, he constantly flew under my radar as my tastes for music started to evolve.

Once 2021 rolled around, my music taste had evolved significantly. While I listened to some mainstream artists like Travis Scott and J Cole, I was more interested in rappers who were either semi-mainstream or fully obscure. While having dinner with a friend one night, he brought up Young Dolph and recommended me some good songs to check out. After dinner, I sat down and listened to Dolph’s music, and it didn’t disappoint. The first song I heard was called “Baller Alert”. While this song was simple conceptually, the incredible beat by Izze the Producer combined with Dolph’s energy made this song well worth the listen. As 2021 continued, I listened to several songs across Dolph’s discography. Similar to my experience with “Baller Alert”, every song I heard from him was simple in concept, yet incredibly entertaining.

As of October 20th, I have listened to 23 songs by Young Dolph. Out of those 23, my favorite is “By Mistake”. This song appears on Dolph’s 2018 album “Role Model” and talks about spending money, cars, and women. The memorable chorus stands out to me, as Dolph talks about speeding down Elvis Presley Boulevard with a model in his car. Overall, it’s a song that hypes me up every time and I highly recommend listening to it. Another song by Dolph I highly recommend is “Obey your Thirst”. Unlike Dolph’s faster songs, this one is slower-paced due to OG Ron C’s production. Like the previous 2 songs, this one has a simple concept. But the slower pace definitely gives the song a trippy vibe.

Ultimately, I’m glad that I gave Young Dolph’s music a chance. The amount of energy he brings to each track is incredible, and his beat selection makes each song. If you are into rappers who make turn-up music, then Young Dolph is definitely an artist I would recommend.

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