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A Robust, Award-Winning Athletic Program Fosters AU Pride

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Maxmillian Robinson

Welcome to one of Long Island's most prestigious campuses, Adelphi University, which was named the “best collegiate sports program on Long Island” for 2019. Knowing that this is a huge honor, it allows our school body to grow more each year. On top of that, sports are what really brings this school together.

Adelphi's bowling team looking promising after signing too recruit Kristen Derr.

Currently, Adelphi has 21 sports teams: 9 men's and 12 women’s. These include basketball, baseball (softball for women), tennis, cross country, track & field, golf, lacrosse, soccer and swimming. In addition, there are women’s bowling, field hockey and volleyball teams. For those interested in participating, tryouts are usually held in the late summer or September for sports like soccer, and October for basketball, swimming and track. Athletes in our Division 2 program should be prepared for a major time commitment. We also have a club team, which is similar because you travel to play games, but is less of a time commitment. Plus, there are intramural teams here if you like to simply play for fun.

The awesome thing about club sports at our school is that if you’re not satisfied with a team, or our school has not offered a sport of your choosing, you can create your own. All you will need is a petition with enough signatures to create your own team, and then you will deliver that paper to Adelphi’s Center for Student Involvement (CSI). From there, you will elect a team captain, and he/she will be the spokesperson for your team in determining what games you will play. The same rules apply for intramural sports, but you don’t travel and the play schedule is more flexible for you individually.

Further, we have events that foster school spirit. Every fall semester we hold an event called Midnight Madness, where we introduce the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The turnout is usually massive, despite the school being a predominantly commuter campus. During this event, there are many festive activities, along with raffle prizes and a chance to have a free T-shirt fall in your lap. We show great pride here at Adelphi and are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces at our next events. Of course, we have to see what happens with social distancing this fall, which might impact this and other events.

As you can see, AU prides itself athletically and remains unified through our various activities. Every year a new group of students arrive with more expectations. Hopefully, this year can bring an unforgettable experience. For more information, visit to see what

Adelphi's Field Hockey team shaking hands with All we offer athletically as a

American player Julianne Gerbino university. Until then, give me a

high five, and show us your

Panther pride.

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