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Whether Virtual or In Person, the CRS Is Prepared for Fall Workouts

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Maxmillian Robinson

Throughout the year 2020, our society has had to deal with an unprecedented enemy, Covid-19. Therefore, we have lived cautiously: within our homes, around our relatives and also while being outside.

The biggest question for many pertains to: When will everything open back up to normal? As for fitness enthusiasts (like myself), there has been a need to get back into the swing of things and visit one of my favorite places on campus, the Center for Recreation and Sports (CRS). Fortunately, the CRS plans to be open for all members of the Panther community this fall. However, this time with more guidelines.

“We are currently still waiting for state guidance and guidance from the university on what is required for our area, but there will be safety measures in place,” said Shaun Rutherford, assistant director for the CRS.

While I may be eager to hit the indoor bench press, others may feel cautious towards entering into the building surrounded by other people, therefore increasing the risk of an infection. On the other hand, CRS staff members have created a method for those interested in working out, but not too comfortable being indoors, with virtual classes. Since April, the CRS has been offering numerous classes via Zoom, which are recorded and published to the Adelphi Campus Recreation YouTube page.

“We are looking to adopt a hybrid system in terms of our virtual group fitness classes,” Rutherford said. “We will try to have in-person classes to the best of our ability, with keeping our patrons and staff safe, but some classes will also need to be online as well. Communication on what our fall schedule will look like will be made available later this summer.”

Of course, it may seem a bit too early to tell how operations will run this year, mainly because of new data about the virus being released daily, along with new research and studies. But the plan will be completed before the campus opens its doors back up in late August.

“There will be additional safety measures for the CRS and Woodruff Hall, but we are still waiting on state guidance and guidance from the University on what will be required for our area,” said Rutherford.

Until then, we will all have to play the waiting game and see what’s in store for the new and improved CRS.

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