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Student Poetry Corner - "Not good enough."

Arib Khan is a sophomore and an International Relations major.

I wrote this poem thinking I was writing about failure. A failure that was inevitable. But instead I just ended up writing a poem about excuses. It has always been easier to say that something is impossible. I wrote a poem on why we feel the need to come up with excuses. And how comforting it is to tell ourselves that we were just never enough.

Not good enough.

By Arib Khan

I’m just not good enough.

Not good enough.

Not good enough.

Not good enough.

Not smart enough.

Not strong enough.

Not big enough.

Not clever enough.

Not good enough.

But I didn’t catch a cold.

My car didn’t break down and

I didn’t get into a

wreck. I didn’t get

robbed or shot or stabbed or

beat up or mugged.

My phone didn’t

die, I didn’t

lose connection.

The phone lines didn’t

break and fall and

splinter onto the


A hurricane didn’t pass by,

or an earthquake or


wrecking me and you and

our tiny lives and

tiny homes and tiny


The Mojave didn’t

eat LA in a coat of

dust and spit

Hollywood into the


Godzilla didn’t come

and no meteors crashed.

The Messiah wasn’t found and

God didn’t send any

new books or

prophets or angels or


Nor a flood nor a swarm of


There were no frogs in our


Worse than all of that,

we were

too late.

Took too



Waited for nothing.



Not smart enough, or

not strong enough, or

not big enough, or

not clever enough.

Not good enough,

is just what we say,

so we never

have to think

about what

could have


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