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UC Renovations Progress and Relocations

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Jaclyn Tracy and Maria Giovanna Jumper

Pictured are the planned design (right image) and the current progress for the same area of the new University Center. More pictures can be found on the Adelphi University Center Progress page.

With the uncertainty of what campus life will look like this fall, one spot remains a busy hub of activity: the construction site of the University Center, a project that was started in May 2019.

When the university transferred to online instruction, the UC construction continued by creating protocols for social distancing among the workers. The renovation was deemed essential. James Perrino, executive vice president of finance and administration, said, “Back in early March, Whiting Turner began scheduling tasks and projects throughout the building in a way that allowed social distancing of six feet between people to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus and to protect the health of the workers.”

Whiting Turner was also working with the unions involved to reduce the amount of people on site at a time by offering workers split shifts over extended hours.

So, construction has been able to continue, leading Perrino to say that some services in the new UC building will open Fall 2020 with the full building becoming operational in Spring 2021. If you want to read details about everything that has been completed recently, as well as view photos and the live feed, visit for more information.

As an incoming first-year student it is important to know where to find the services that are usually in the University Center. The UC dining hall has been replaced by the tent on the lawn across from the library. This is also supplemented by the collection of food trucks in the same area.

Another essential service, the coffee shop, can be found in Nexus. Since the renovations began, the university has added another coffee stop in Nexus to alleviate the lines in Paws Cafe. Campus events have been spread across campus as a replacement for the UC ballroom. It is easy to find the new locations on flyers posted around campus.

The bookstore is now in the Center for Recreation and Sports. T-shirts and other school pride items can be found on the second floor, while book pick-ups have been moved to the Campbell lounges. The counseling center is now in the Nexus building, sharing an office with the Learning and Writing Center, but having two separate entrances to ensure anonymity.

Finally, the Center for Student Involvement, Interfaith Center and Student Government Association are all found in the lower level of Earle Hall—where you can also find The Delphian office space if you want to join our team.

While this might be a lot to remember now, it will quickly become second nature.

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