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Will a Campus Job Work for You?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Maria Giovanna Jumper

Everyone knows the college student stereotype of living off Ramen noodles and looking for free gifts and being inevitably broke. At the same time, typically, we don’t have time to earn money because of our busy schedules.  In reality, there are many ways students can work, and the most convenient is to get a job on campus. Adelphi offers a multitude of great options to be employed for year-long, seasonal and short-term job opportunities. Many students take advantage of the fact that the hours are flexible to fit within your schedule and that there are varying opportunities to meet every interest.

Some examples of great student jobs include working at the Alice Brown Early Learning Center, Campus Recreation, the Admissions Office, being a peer mentor and working for campus security. These jobs don’t just allow students to earn money, they are also great to put on a resume, giving you experiences that can be useful in future jobs. This includes learning time-management skills, organization, and depending on the job, proficiencies that pertain to your specific major.

“I’ve been working at the Alice Brown Early Learning Center for over a year and I absolutely love it,” said Chloe Gonzales, class of 2020. “As a nursing major, I’ve learned so much about how to communicate and care for children as young as 18 months to five years old.  The directors Laura and Kathy really appreciate and care for all the student workers. I look forward to coming into work every day since I always learn something new.”

Another major part of being a college student is learning valuable time-management and organizational skills and being able to balance multiple commitments.  

“As an employee for Campus Rec, my job is to assist patrons at various stations around the facility, as well as to help keep the center clean,” said Marissa Doody, class of Being a student worker on campus has

2020. “I like working here because I have met a many advantages. Resident Assistants

lot of new people, and the hours are not too get free room and board for the school

much to balance with my academics and other year.


She added that her job in Campus Rec taught her valuable communication skills that will help her in her latter endeavors as an accountant.

Because a campus job can boost your resume profile, it is important to find the right fit.  For instance, like Gonzales said, as a nursing major the Early Learning Center allowed her to learn to care for children.  Personally, I work in the Admissions Office and this job has taught me important communication skills that will help me in my future endeavors as a lawyer; I’ve learned how to convey information in ways that make it interesting to all different people.  I have also learned how to take a personal approach to everyone’s specific needs to make the best impact on others.

To find a job on campus, check with the Center for Career and Professional Development and through funded academic departments. You can also check Handshake and research all the campus jobs before committing to one.  There are many to choose from and much to learn. You can also contact your advisor about the different opportunities for campus jobs. They can help you pick a job that will give you the best experiences to help you prepare for your future.   

Note that once you’re hired,  you’ll have to visit  the Office of Human Resources  in Levermore Hall to complete “new hire” paperwork—all of which leads to solving the money shortage problem in the first place: getting that first paycheck.

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