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Your Guide to the Best Student Discounts and Deals

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By: Bianca Viana

We all know that attending college can be extremely expensive. However, being a student has a lot of perks due to the immense amounts of discounts and deals offered to us. In the Garden City area alone, there are many places near campus that offer discounts to Adelphi students. Additionally, there

7th St. in Garden City, a great place to study, grab a are many websites and apps that are

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student discount for most restaurants! students save their money,

sometimes offering special promotions.

A popular discount available to Panthers on the AU2GO app are tickets to the AMC movie theaters. The closest is in the Roosevelt Field Mall. Students can get movie tickets for $9 at the Panthertainment booth in the PAC or purchase them directly on the AU2GO app. This is such a great deal for students as seeing movie tickets can sometimes cost almost $20. In addition, students can easily hop on the Adelphi shuttle bus to catch a ride to the Roosevelt Field Mall theater.

A popular go-to spot for many Adelphi students is Seventh Street, which is about a five-minute drive off campus. There are a lot of amazing restaurants there where you can grab a bite to eat at such as Bistro, Garden City Pizza, Go Greek and Food for Thought, with all offering a 10 percent discount to students who show their Adelphi ID! There are also many other local restaurants that offer discounts such as these.

Further, many clothing stores and other places in the Adelphi area also offer discounts to students. Stores like Express and Banana Republic offer a 15 percent discount when you show your student ID in stores.

You can also get discounts from some big companies, including Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Apple offers a 5 percent discount on most products for students. In addition, every summer they roll out their Back-to-School sale, which usually gives you a discount on MacBooks. This year when you buy a MacBook you can get a free pair of Air pods.

Microsoft also has many student deals for different products, some equaling over $100. Amazon offers up to a 50 percent discount for Amazon Prime after a six-month free trial. This is personally one of my most favorite student discounts seeing as Amazon really comes in handy throughout the year whenever I need something whether it be textbooks or essentials for my dorm room.

We all love our music, and Spotify as well as Apple Music bother offer student discounts.

Students can get Spotify Premium for just $4.99/month after one month free. Apple Music offers a similar deal with $4.99/month and free Apple TV+. These are both great deals to take advantage of as a college student because the membership prices are basically cut in half.

Some phone carriers will also offer deals. These include T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. T-Mobile gives special pricing for certain devices and some phone plans as well. Students can get a campus exclusive discount, which would cost about $50 a month for one line. You can also save up to $100 on devices if you purchase them through T-Mobile. AT&T will waive activation and upgrade fees for students and will also offer discounts on devices. Sprint offers unlimited data for only an additional $10 per month.

Some insurance companies like Allstate, Geico, Farmers and State Farm also offer discounts to college students. Allstate offers up to a 20 percent discount to single, full-time students who achieve good grades.

Geico offers a similar deal to full-time students who receive a B average or above. Most other insurance companies offer discounts for varying levels of good grades. Most students have no knowledge of these deals so don’t utilize them, so the best thing for you to do is call your insurance company and see what they can offer.

There are also some magazines and papers that offer discounts and deals. Two examples

include “The New York Times” and “The Washington Post.” For further information about these, you can check the Adelphi website. Adelphi students can subscribe to the “Wall Street Journal” for free. Just sign up through eCampus.

There is also a discount for “The Economist.” These websites are extremely important to have access to throughout the year as they are often particularly good sources to utilize when writing papers or doing other assignments. Knowing about these discounts will save you a lot of time and money on reading materials for class.

There is also an endless amount of entertainment options with discounts easily available to

students. Some examples include Yankees and Mets tickets, Broadway shows and shows at Lincoln Center. At Adelphi, students can learn more about these options at the Panthertainment booth in the University Center.

In addition to this it is your best interest to check out the University Tickets section on the AU2GO app, as there are new discounted options readily available to students. Some events I have purchased tickets on the AU2GO app have been tickets to Broadway shows, Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center and so many more. For most trips into the city Adelphi usually provides transportation into Manhattan via the LIRR or a bus, and often a MetroCard with two fares on it.

These tickets are usually only about $10 and include the admission to the event as well as the LIRR ticket and MetroCard. These are such great deals to take advantage of because you are saving so much money. An LIRR ticket from the Nassau Blvd station to Penn Station can normally cost around $20, a MetroCard costs about $6 for two fares, and admission to some city attractions can often be awfully expensive.

A lot of companies do offer discounts to students, but many do not always advertise it. Many online retailers will offer student discounts, you usually just need to confirm your Adelphi email. Always make sure to ask if the place you are at offers any type of student discount.

A great app many students use, including me, is UNiDAYS. There are always different online or in-store offers available right through your phone for so many different places. You should always be aware of the many benefits that often come along with being a student.

For more discounts, including local services like hair salons, gas stations and dry cleaners, visit Keep checking as saving money is practical, as well as fun.

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